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Worlds Best Baby Shower, EVER! No JOKE!!

August 31, 2012

Many may claim to have the greatest friends on earth and some may say they had the best baby shower, but I KNOW that in my case I did have the PERFECT baby shower ever and I have the best friends imaginable!
So let me tell you all about it!

When I arrived they were busy little bees setting up and getting ready

My friends Angie, Casie, and Sam all threw me a baby shower with the help of my sisters and sister in law bringing some food.  My friends kept everything a surprise from me.  I didn’t know what the invites looked like until I got one in the mail and I had no idea what to expect until I walked in the day of the shower.

My wonderful mother-in-law was so kind and let us use her spacious home for the shower, and it was the perfect space for it. 

When I first walked in I was instantly amazed by the décor and the details throughout the area.  My friends know me very well and made the shower theme “Children’s books” So much better than just picking 1 or 2 children’s books, but ALL children’s books.  I love picture books and I collect as many as I can, so this was definitely planned just for me!  I’d never seen or dreamed of anything like this.  It literally took my breath away and I can’t express how special and loved I felt. 

I had been worrying about no one coming but after I saw all that my sweet friends had done all my worries melted away and I knew it didn’t matter if anyone came.  I was loved and I’d have a great time even if it was just us.  J
On the food table was a wide variety of delicious treats!  Each food had a cute name tag that related to a children’s book.  For example: Green deviled eggs – green eggs and Ham, Hungry caterpillar salad, meatballs – cloudy with a chance of meatballs (Justin was particularly excited about these and asked for someone to save him some, which they of course did J), yummy cookies – If you give a mouse a cookie, ham sandwiches – Green eggs and Ham, and on and on.  It was SO cute and So creative!  I’m just amazed by it all because I’d never think of any of this!

The décor was TO DIE FOR!  There were children’s books EVERYWHERE and puppets and stuffed animals that corresponded to that book.  My girls even ordered me my TWO VERY FAVORITE children’s books that are now out of print.  “The Dutchess Bakes a Cake” and “The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs”.  They ORDERED them Just FOR ME!  Angie even made me a sock pig from the book and I will treasure it forever and ever!  It is the cutest thing! 

There are the books they BOUGHT for me!  My 2 all time favorites!  The Dutchess Bakes  a cake and The wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs.  And there is the sock pig Ang made me.  I LOVE IT!
There was an adorable game with a picture of Justin and I both as babies.  People had to guess which features the baby would have from J and from me.  If they thought baby D would have my chin they’d put in pink paper, if they thought he’d have J’s cheeks they would put a blue paper in etc.  It was cute and it was fun to see what people guessed.  It will be even more fun to see who is right after Baby D arrives!! 

Sam emailed me the results after the party and:
Baby D will have Justin’s hair
a mix between Justin and Nat’s eyes 
and Nat’s cheeks and Nat’s nose

Baby J on the right and baby Nat on the left

The gift table was also beautiful!  Above it the girls made a balloon garland that looked like the Hungry Caterpillar.  It was so stinkin cute!  Then on the table they had a place for people to put these cards that had been sent with the invitations where they wrote their wishes for the baby.  It will be so neat to read them all and see what people said!  It is so thoughtful and just an extra personal touch that I love. 

Before the party began, my friends called me over and surprised me even MORE with 2 special gifts they had made just for me and Baby D.  I really just couldn’t believe it after all they had already done.  I STILL can’t believe it!  They had made me the most beautiful baby book you’ve ever seen.  Each page already created and scrapbooked from scratch with sticky notes on each page to tell me what size pictures to put on. There are tons of pages with beautiful beautiful paper (with sparkle and texture – so of course I’m in love with it)  But you can tell this was NO easy task.  It is unbelievable and I will cherish it forever.  I just feel bad for any other children we have because their baby books will not be ½ that crafty and cute!  Yikes! J

They also put together a HUGE basket of goodies that they thought were essential for mommies and babies.  It was FULL of amazing things like: baby spoons, a dishwasher basket for binky’s and bottle nipples, boogie wipes, baby sunscreen, a rubber duck, the all-important nipple cream, baby medicine/fever reducer, onesies with ties sewn on and matching burp cloths (so flippin adorable I can’t stand it!), teething toy, toy to hang from car seat, a homemade blanket with little ribbons hanging off for the baby to play with, a bottle brush, a diaper and wipes carrying case and binky holder, and more!  It was overwhelming and I just can’t believe that after all they had already put into the shower they got me a massive gift too.  Like I said, I KNOW I have the best friends in the world. 
The basket of goodies from my sweet friends...can you believe it?  I still can't!!
They really thought of EVERYTHING!  They even made me blank Thank You card’s in the shape of diapers that are just too cute for words.  I would’ve bugged Angie to let me come over and use her silhouette machine to make them anyway because they really are just SOOO cute I can’t even describe!   I know that these take time and effort, how do you begin to thank someone for all of that work??  But really who thinks of those little details?  I’m spoiled I tell you!!

My sister Merri came over with me and brought tons of food and helped set up.  She braved the scorching heat to set up a sign and balloons showing people where to turn.  I hoped it would only take a minute but she was out there for a while and thanks to her people were able to find us.  I will FOREVER be grateful for that sacrifice she made going out in that miserable heat for so long!  I love you sis!  (If there’s one thing Merri and I hate it is being HOT and Sweaty! YUCK! But she did it for me!  I know I was spoiled!)  It actually brought tears to my eyes a few times because I know it wasn’t pleasant.  She is so selfless and loving.  And so generous to bring as much food as she did!!   I have the best big sister ever!  But seriously even the sign pointing out the way to turn was super cute and crafty looking! 
Do I look like a giant compared to her?  And did I mention she is my  baby Nurse?  She is there for me with my many ridiculous questions, at all hours, and she never makes me feel dumb for asking! I love sharing this exciting time with her!
I was so nervous that no one was going to show up and that my friends would put in all this effort for no one to come, but of course I worried for nothing.  I have amazing friends and family and I just can’t thank people enough for coming and celebrating with me!  It was so much fun to see old friends, coworkers, and family!

I tried to visit with everyone but I could’ve chatted with each friend all day!  I wish it had lasted forever! J  There’s never enough time to talk with friends.  After visiting and eating yummy food for about an hour or more my friends announced it was time to play a game.  It was TOO FUNNY!  They gave everyone a balloon and had them blow it up to be the size they thought my baby bump was.  Then there was an award for the smallest, largest, and most unique.  (I believe Katie won for smallest, Ashley Endlsey won for largest, and Danet won for most unique – she used the tip as her belly button, it was funny!)  Then we got a great picture of my mom, Merri, Katie, and I with our bumps.  I loved it and there was lots of laughing going on!

Ashley won for biggest :)

Sam obviously carries very high! 

How cute is my mom?  Haha!  

Merri made me swear not to put this one on FB but she didn't say anything about the blog!  

Then we had a children’s book quiz.  I hadn’t had time to fill out a sheet or look at the questions since I was visiting with everyone, and they put me on the spot and asked me for the answers first.  It was fun and I only missed one!  They asked what  Maurice Sendak was the author of and I couldn’t remember.  Now I know it is “Where the Wild Things Are!” Duh Nat!  Thank goodness I didn’t embarrass myself too much.

Then there was a great game where we all sat in a circle and we each got a little paper onesie.  Angie read a hilarious story and every time she said right we passed our onesie to the right and left, to the left.  It really was so funny!  I hope I have a copy of it to keep!  Then whoever had a onesie with a sticker on it at the end won. 

After that it was time for presents.  It was amazing!  There were so many gifts and each one was so perfect and exciting.  We got so many great items and of course adorable clothes. 

Look at that spread...WOW!!  

My beautiful little helper!!


I love my AUNT...hmmm wonder who that could be from!?

A homemade quilt, just for baby D.  It is beautiful and very special to me!

It honestly was one of the greatest days of my life, right up there with wedding and bridal shower.  I felt so loved and so special that I just can’t even describe how happy I was!  I will never forget that special special day!  I hated to see people leave and I am so sad it is over.  But it was also so much fun to come home and go through it all and organize it with my MOMMY! 

After everyone was gone my sweet friends (who had gotten NO sleep the night before as I’m sure they were preparing for the party) stayed and cleaned the entire home until it was once again spotless.  They never let me lift a finger. 

There is no way for me to express my love and appreciation to everyone involved.  Those who came and made me feel SO loved, friends and family who were so generous with very thoughtful gifts, those who helped bring food and things, and of course those special girls who planned and planned and prepared and I’m sure spent WAY too much money!   I will never be able to convey how special you made me feel and I will never forget this baby shower as long as I live.  I am the luckiest girl alive.  

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