Sunday, September 23, 2012

36 weeks

September 9, 2012

How far along? 36 1/2 weeks (according to Oct 3 due date)

Total weight gain: 18 lbs ish
Maternity clothes?  I prefer pajamas or a very comfortable skirt that I could wear every day
Stretch marks? Nothing bad, just a few tiny ones around my belly button. 
Sleep: Pretty sporadic.  Generally go to bed around 3am-ish and sleep on and off for a few hours.  I generally end up on the couch now so I don’t keep J up and then I come back to the bed when J gets up for work.  Last night though I slept from about 3am until noon (without even a potty break!  I can’t remember the last time that happened. It was a night to remember!)
Best moment this week:  Taking maternity pictures with Justin.  He wasn’t too fond of the idea at first but once we got there and after we saw a teaser on FB he is happy we did!  Even if we both got eaten alive by mosquitoes.   It was really a fun experience and I love the one picture we’ve seen! 
Also I thought that perhaps my water might have been leaking and so I called Merri and she convinced us to go in and have it checked.  I was also having some contractions close together but not painful.  Justin and I had run to target to get me a robe for the hospital and then J needed dinner before his ASU football game that he was going to with his friend so we grabbed chipotle.  But J really started acting just like the guys you see in the movies!  He was practically tripping over himself and really freaking out.  He was running around the house packing stuff when we got home and throwing things in my suitcase.  He also threw the car seat in the car and tried to familiarize himself with our new video camera (the 2 things I’ve been asking him to do for 2 or more weeks now;o) In the car he wasn’t saying a word and he wouldn’t look at me, he also kept biting his nails.  He was NERVOUS!  It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!  When we got to the hospital I needed to get something out of my suitcase and he threw it open and was just rummaging through it messing everything up.  I told him I would get it and I was just going to leave him with the car if he couldn’t calm down.  It was hysterical and OH SO precious.  I LOVE this man!!!  And I’ll never forget just how nervous he was.  He told me a few times he just wasn’t mentally prepared for it yet.  Well hopefully that practice run helped prepare him a little bit more!
Miss Anything?   Miss no heartburn and breathing easily.
  Lots and lots.  This week was the first week where I felt a distinct body part (either a hand or foot – possibly elbow) but there was a little bump that just stuck out and moved across the side of my tummy.  It was amazing! He moves all the time now.  It’s such a miracle!
Food cravings:  spinach and artichoke dip – yep made it and it was delish!  (I told J I made it special just for him, haha then I got on him for eating it all! Haha!!)  Now I think some apple pie sounds so yummy!  Probably won’t be making that though.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  My stomach is sick often now, pretty much anytime I eat anything.  It’s uncomfortable but not unbearable. 
Gender:  Little Boy Blue!
Labor Signs:  Plenty of contractions but nothing strong enough to do anything, lost my m.p., wondered if my water may have broken but nope, dilated 2 cm on both cervixes so Dr. W says I am 4 cm.  He believes when Baby D comes he will break through the septum between the cervixes rather than picking one side to come through. 
Symptoms:  heart burn, Braxton hicks, difficulty breathing, sick tummy,
Belly Button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Definitely happy but it is a roller coaster of emotions at this point. 
Looking forward to: Meeting this baby! 
To do list: 
·         pick a pediatrician
·         talk to my doctor about my labor and delivery (what if my amazing Dr. isn’t there to deliver my baby?  Will the on call Dr. fully understand my body/situation and help me to have this baby naturally or without a C Section as long as it is safe?  I trust my dr. completely but there is a chance that he may not be able to be there when I deliver – so I want to know what I’m getting into and what support I’ll have) 
·         Decorate the nursery (working on it with the help of a friend)
·         Tour the hospital (set up the tour for Sept 15)
·         Take a breastfeeding class
·         Write my birthing plan (thinking about just going with whatever happens since we don’t know what my unique situation will bring. May not do this)
·         Keep practicing breathing exercises (working on it)
·         Go on a baby moon (a vacation before baby comes)
·         Pack my hospital bag (I have packed as much as I can)
·         Pick a name or at least narrow it down to a few
·         Find a coming home outfit for baby
·         Find a photographer for maternity photos and newborn pictures
·         Wash all of the baby laundry
·         Buy a video camera
·         Buy a car seat, crib mattress, crib bedding, diaper bag,
·         Clean the house – good! (yep entire house! – and yep this will probably never be complete J)
·         Buy all of the baby items we need that we didn’t get from the shower
Misc.:  I have a friend helping me decorate the babies room and I am so excited.  She is amazing and I love her style.  I think it will be amazing!

I also had a doctors appointment this week and will now go weekly to see good ol’ Dr.Wilson.  I really do look forward to seeing him!  He listened to the heartbeat and measured me and also told me about a run in he’d had with my MIL.  Then he checked me and said I was at a minus 2 station and he said both cervixes were dialated to 2cm so he said I was at a 4 cm.  With both cervixes dialating he believes the baby will break through the septum rather than picking one cervix to come through.  This may pose some issues if it tears and I’m bleeding.  If there is a small tear he can stitch me up in my L&D room but if it’s larger I may need to be put out for surgery.  Hopefully I won’t bleed at all and then he wont need to do anything.  We are just going to see how it all plays out though, so with a lot of prayers hopefully everything will be fine! 

Meeting this baby and the labor is ALL I EVER think about.  Thank goodness I have great family and friends to help distract me.  I do think I’m going  a little nuts waiting around and there is still a chance it could be weeks away.  AHH!  I’m so grateful this pregnancy has gone this smoothly and I am just trying to tell myself to enjoy the journey, but it’s easier said than done!  Who will Baby D look like?  Will he have hair?  Will he be little or big?  I am SO excited!!!!!  

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