Sunday, September 2, 2012

35 1/2 weeks

September 2, 2012

How far along? 35 1/2 weeks (according to Oct 3 due date)

Total weight gain: 15-18 lbs ish
Maternity clothes? Maternity clothes or Pajamas or big shirts!
Stretch marks? Not bad, just a few tiny ones around my belly button, hardly even noticeable
Sleep: Here and there and everywhere
Best moment this week:  Having J come home from work each day to distract me from taking it easy (modified bed rest) Also taking our breastfeeding class.  We learned a lot and feel better prepared now.  It is so fun to get prepared and share all of this with my best friend, J! 
Also we made it to the LAST month!  We are finally in the month that our baby will be born!  WOO HOO September is HERE!
Miss Anything?   I miss not having heartburn.
  Lots and Lots! Big Movements and some are uncomfortable.  I can feel when he moves his head in my pelvic bone and I think there is a nerve (or something) down there that he hits a few times a day, yikes! 
Food cravings:  still loving chocolate milk (no heartburn! Water gives me bad heartburn)
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope, appetite is smaller now so I have to eat less but snack more often
Gender:  baby BOY
Labor Signs:  Some contractions daily, some feel like uncomfortable cramps
Symptoms:  awful heartburn! YUCK!
Belly Button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy!!  I get goofy silly by the time J gets home because I’ve been bored all day J It is a roller coaster of emotions right now.  One minute I’m so so excited and ready to meet our little man and the next I’m anxious and slightly terrified of the delivery, or I feel unprepared and like our house isn’t ready or clean enough.  But most of the time it is pure excitement.  I love hearing J talk about how excited he is more than ANYTHING! 
Looking forward to: my doctor’s appointment this week.  Now I will start to go weekly.  I NEVER thought I would make it this far.  I never thought I’d be the one at the doctor’s office with the big pregnant tummy.  I wondered if it would be possible for me to hold a baby to full term.  We are almost there! 
To do list: 
·         pick a pediatrician
·         talk to my doctor about my labor and delivery (what if my amazing Dr. isn’t there to deliver my baby?  Will the on call Dr. fully understand my body/situation and help me to have this baby naturally or without a C Section as long as it is safe?  I trust my dr. completely but there is a chance that he may not be able to be there when I deliver – so I want to know what I’m getting into and what support I’ll have) 
·         Decorate the nursery (now that I’m on modified bed rest I doubt this will happen before Baby D is home)
·         Tour the hospital (set up the tour for Sept 15, but am wondering now if we will make it that far!)
·         Take a breastfeeding class
·         Write my birthing plan
·         Keep practicing breathing exercises (working on it)
·         Go on a baby moon (a vacation before baby comes)
·         Pack my hospital bag (I know I still have some time but it will need to be done eventually)
·         Pick a name or at least narrow it down to a few
·         Find a coming home outfit for baby
·         Find a photographer for maternity photos and newborn pictures
·         Wash all of the baby laundry
·         Buy a video camera
·         Buy a car seat, crib mattress, crib bedding, diaper bag,
·         Clean the house – good! (yep entire house! – and yep this will probably never be complete J)
·         Buy all of the baby items we need that we didn’t get from the shower

Misc.:  Meeting our baby is ALL I think about.  It is ridiculous.  I am trying so hard to cherish these last few weeks of pregnancy because I know I will never be pregnant with my first again.  After Baby D arrives life will never be the same.  It will never just be me and J again.  I don’t know what to expect, except I know we will be happier and more full of love and joy than ever!  I am looking forward to seeing J hold our little man more than ANYTHING else.  I know he will be the best Dad and we are going to have so much fun raising this boy together.  I can’t wait to start this journey!  I just want to enjoy each second and not think about what is next or I’ll miss the joy of right now.  One to two more weeks and I’ll be able to be up and around a bit more and then baby D can come anytime.  We just want to get him to 37 weeks!  

This week we:

Got the bedding for the crib - I'm IN LOVE with it!  It really makes me happy
Isn't it beautiful?!

My mom also helped me to wash everything and organize it so that it looks so nice and clean and pretty!  We also washed the bassinet material and put it back together this week. Doesn't the closet look great!?  My mom is an amazing organizer and folder.  It looks so pretty!

We also set up the pack n play in our room.  Yep I feel much more prepared with all of this done!  (haha yep there's my suitcase next to it that SHOULD be packed, hopefully I will do that tonight!)

And don't laugh but J and I finally bought our first outfit for the baby.  We wanted to pick his coming home outfit and we didn't know what we would get from the shower etc so we waited on buying clothes.  J helped pick it out.  Isn't it adorable!  It says bear hugs on it!  I was hoping for something light blue but there wasn't an amazing selection and I am not supposed to be out shopping right we found this and J loved it and so do I.  It is soft and cuddly and we have 2 options if it is too hot for Baby to be in long sleeves.  

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  1. Nat everything looks so good! You look great, the closet looks amazing, the bedding is adorable and I love the outfit you picked for him to wear home! Seriously you are the most prepared and organized first time Mom I have ever seen! I am sure you don't feel like it but you amaze me! And you are so smart be trying to enjoy these last few weeks. I am just SOOOOOOO EXCITED for you!