Tuesday, July 31, 2012

30.5 weeks

July 31, 2012

How far along? 30 weeks and 6 days (I couldn’t blog earlier because I was in Colorado this last week) The countdown BEGINS!

Total weight gain:  14 lbs so says the Dr.
Maternity clothes? 
Yep and lovin um! 
Stretch marks? Still doing ok here, fingers crossed.
Sleep:  Is pretty pathetic most nights I can hardly sleep, if I get 2 straight hours I am grateful.  I just wake up with awful back pain.  However after many crummy nights with little sleep (I was in Colorado for my sweet nephews baptism and just wasn’t getting much sleep) last night I finally got some great sleep, I think because I was exhausted.  I was at my parents after driving for over 11 hours home and I slept from about 2:30 am to 10am…HEAVEN!!!  But man did I have to pee when I woke up!  YIKES!!  If it wasn’t for that I bet I would’ve slept even more.  Rarely I get one of those great nights and last night was one of them!  BLISS!
Best moment this week:  Hard to pick, non-pregnancy related would definitely be my nephew Michael’s baptism.  Pregnancy related it was having my mom feel the baby’s movement.  It was also so fun to have my little niece Maggie and nephews Michael and Briggs ask me about the baby.  Some days Maggie would come up to me and say, “Do you still have a baby in your tummy?” “Is it still a boy baby?”  haha – it was fun!
Miss Anything?   I miss sleeping and no back pain                    
 Oh so much moving and grooving, I LOVE IT!  I love sharing it with J and my family.  It is such a miracle.  I think baby D missed his Daddy very much because tonight was our first night back together and he didn’t hold back, he was moving up a storm!  Daddy thinks since we were watching the Olympics’ swimming that our little dude was also tying to show off his mad swimming skills. 
Food cravings:  Nothing really
Anything making you queasy or sick:  It seems that after I eat anything now I get a little queasy.  It’s not awful but its annoying.
Gender:  Boy OH boy!
Labor Signs: Nope

Symptoms:  Restless legs at night, some Braxton hicks, heart burn
Belly Button in or out?     In 
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time:  HAPPY!!  Just nervous about getting everything done.  I WANT a CLEAN and ORANIZED house already! 
Not looking forward to: bedtime. It can be a little rough sometimes.
Really excited for: My baby shower.  My amazing BF's Angie and Sammy are throwing me a shower and I know it is going to be amazing.  I'm so so excited!  
Also really looking forward to my ultrasound next week.  
To do list: 
·         FIRST AND FOREMOST JUST CLEAN THIS HOUSE! and get rid of my teaching materials I'm not keeping!

Misc.: AHHHH!  ONLY 10 weeks left...and that is if this little guy decides to come at 40 weeks!  I just can't believe it!
 I had a doctor’s appointment a week ago and it went great!  They said my weight is right on track and my BP and blood count and everything looks fantastic.  HOW GREAT IS THAT!? I asked if we needed to watch my cervixes (Dr. Wilson had mentioned it at the beginning of the pregnancy) and she said she would order an ultrasound.  So next week we get to see sweet Baby D on ultrasound. I CANT WAIT!!! 

Nat also went to CO for her oldest nephews baptism. It was wonderful!  I enjoyed spending time with Tiff and her sweet kids. I had a great time! I got to spend lots of time loving on Little Lucy and playing with Mags, Brigs, and Michael.   I sure missed J though and am glad to be back with him!  Sadly I am not to excited about being back home and having to face all of my messes and the awful summer heat J
I just adore this little man! So glad I got to make it for this special even! 
Pop and Lil Lucy.  How cute are they?
Michael's amazing cake that Tiff got for him.  The Armor of God...It's amazing right?!

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