Friday, July 6, 2012

A+ in birthing class

My sister Merri is a labor and delivery nurse.  My sisters have all benefited from her knowledge and skills and I’ve always been a little envious but it was finally OUR TURN! 

Merri teaches birthing classes.  She doesn’t teach every month and June was the last class she was scheduled to teach before our baby would be born so we signed up!  I was giddy with excitement and J wasn’t really sure what to expect.
Everyone that has ever had a baby has a story and they usually love to share!  Well I love hearing others stories, most of the time.  I did have a family member advise us that they don’t think the classes are necessary and that they didn’t really do anything like that to prepare for their children’s births.  In fact they thought not knowing what was going on was a blessing because then they weren’t worried and stressed etc.  We also have some friends we love and they didn’t take any classes and they survived, so why should we take them right? Well J was supportive and said we could go, but I don’t think he was completely sold on the idea due to some of the above reasons.

Well after the FIRST class J was already singing Merri’s praises.  He LOVED them and I was even more excited than I had been before.  It was so amazing to see this other side of my big sister.  She is an amazing instructor and man does she know her stuff!  We learned so much, I just hope I can remember the important stuff when D Day comes!

I feel so much more prepared now and at ease about it all.  She brought up questions that J and I wanted to discuss with our doctors and it helped us make decisions on how we would prefer our labor and delivery to go. 
I don't think they do that anymore J...ask Merri!

A few of the things I found interesting were:

I now know that I want to stay home where I am comfortable as long as I can before going into the hospital.  Labor progresses much easier and faster when you are relaxed and comfortable.

It is beneficial to move during labor as much as possible.  I hope I can walk the halls and sit on the exercise balls and all of that to help my labor progress.  It may not be possible to move around, but if I can I will!  I guess I just thought laying in a hospital bed waiting around was what people did…
Fun with forceps and vacums, hope we never see them again!

I don’t want any intravenous drugs.  They can affect the baby and myself and they just don’t sound good to me at all!

I learned tips to help if I have back labor (1 in 4 women do – please let me be one of the 3 that don’t get it!! ;)

J holding up fingers for how many breaths I should take...breathe Nat
I also learned lots of amazing relaxation and breathing techniques.  My husband is going to be there the whole time helping and supporting me and I don’t think I could do it without him.  He learned these techniques right along with me.  I’ve caught myself using them occasionally too, for practice and to help when I do something clumsy and painful. 

There are so many things I could list but it was great to be in a class with other expecting moms and to learn what is normal and why certain things may happen during labor.  I am grateful I feel more educated now so if I need to make a decision about something during labor my hubby and I are going to be able to do so more easily and with more knowledge. 

After completing the class J says he thinks EVERYONE should take this class.  Even if you’ve already had a baby, if you haven’t taken it, J thinks you should!  Knowledge is power my friends ;) It was great to know that J loved them too and appreciated them. 

Now we have found out that Merri is teaching again in August.  The month before our little one is due.  I may just need a refresher ;)  and I can enjoy being the smartest one in class.  (wink wink) 

Thanks Merri, it was a great experience that we will never forget!

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  1. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED having you both in class! I'm so glad that I've had the opportunity to teach all my sisters now! Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate hearing how much you enjoyed the classes and how they benefited you both. You and Justin are going to do great in labor & delivery, and you're going to be wonderful parents to this sweet lil boy. Can't wait to meet him!