Sunday, July 22, 2012

29.5 weeks

July 22, 2012

How far along? 29.5
Whoa mama, that baby bump came outta nowhere!  

Total weight gain:  about 10-13lbs
Maternity clothes? 
Every day. Love them!  All I wear are my jean shorts and capris that are maternity from Ross.  They are so comfy!  I also love some of my dresses I borrowed from my friend and one I bought.  I think they are comfy and so cute!
Stretch marks?  So far so good
Sleep:  It STINKS.  This week has been the worst I think.  One night I was up all night and finally I was so exhausted at 5 am I took a Tylenol PM.  I hate poppin pills but I just had to and it was awesome to get a few hours after that!  I wouldn’t trade it though! If that’s all I have to complain about I think I’m golden!
Best moment this week: Had a great 1 year old birthday party for our sweet Elsie girl!  It was great to share the party with J and my best friends!  It was fun to reminisce about Angie’s delivery and think about how mine will be.  I also LOVE sharing every night with J and having him hold my belly and feel the baby move.  Today he put his head on my tummy and talked to the baby and waited until Baby D kicked him in the face J  J says he’s gonna be a soccer player!  It’s definitely my favorite sharing this special time with my husband.  LOVE IT! 
Miss Anything?   I miss sleeping soundly and no back pain, but I wouldn’t trade it either.                               
 Big rolling movement that feels so cool!  It is often up high right over my ribs it seems.  I wonder if it is the head or bum or what!?                                                                   
Food cravings: Nothing crazy or anything that I HAD to have. 
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really, just occasionally and totally randomly I just get slightly nauseous for no reason at all. 
Gender:  Boy OH boy!
Labor Signs: Nope

Symptoms:  Restless legs at night, some Braxton hicks, heart burn
Belly Button in or out?     Very In  - I should just delete this question because I don’t think the answer will ever change ;)
Wedding rings on or off?  On, thank goodness!  I’m grateful everyday!
Happy or Moody most of the time:  HAPPY!  Although I have to admit that I did have an emotional breakdown this week.  Oh lovely hormones.  This is the first week I’ve been home since leaving my job and that means it is finally time to start going through all of my teaching materials.  Needless to say our entire front room is COVERED with stuff and it is total chaos!  I’ve worked on it for hours each day, but it is an emotional process as well as physical because it took so much work to accumulate all of my materials. 

Well, one night I had just had it and I cried and cried to Justin saying we will never be ready for this baby (really menaing our house will never be clean and organized) and I still need to find a pediatrician and research a few things and get the nursery ready and the list goes on and on.  Then somehow while Justin was holding me it all shifted from having a messy house to, what if I can’t push this baby out and what if I’m not a good mom, OH DEAR!  Darn hormones!  I feel great now – but that night was RIDICULOUS!  Haha!  I am already laughing about it, thank goodness.  However I do still wonder if I will ever get through my teaching stuff and if our house will be clean by the time the baby comes, but no matter when this baby arrives, he will have 2 VERY excited and LOVING parents, what else do we need? 
Not looking forward to: finishing going through my teaching materials and getting rid of A LOT OF IT! Boo hoo!
To do list: 
  • ·         pick a pediatrician
  • ·         talk to my doctor about my labor and delivery (what if my amazing Dr. isn’t there to deliver my baby?  Will the on call Dr. fully understand my body/situation and help me to have this baby naturally or without a C Section as long as it is safe?  I trust my dr. completely but there is a chance that he may not be able to be there when I deliver – so I want to know what I’m getting into and what support I’ll have) 
  • ·         Decorate the nursery
  • ·         Tour the hospital
  • ·         Take a breastfeeding class
  • ·         Write my birthing plan
  • ·         Keep practicing breathing exercises
  • ·         Go on a baby moon (a vacation before baby comes)
  • ·         Pack my hospital bag (I know I still have some time but it will need to be done eventually)
  • ·         Pick a name or at least narrow it down to a few
  • ·         Find a coming home outfit for baby
  • ·         Find a photographer for maternity photos and newborn pictures
  • ·         Wash all of the baby laundry
  • ·         Buy a video camera

Misc.:  I seem to be getting a lot of comments about how I don’t look big enough to be due in September.  I don’t mind these comments, but there was one day this week where I got on the scale and it said I’ve only gained 10 lbs this entire pregnancy and I worried a little.  I know I’m eating but is everything going ok?  Is the baby and I both getting what we need?  I sure hope so!  I’m doing all I can and eating as healthy as I can and taking my vitamins.  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so hopefully there won’t be any concerns there.  And my weight does fluctuate a LOT!  By the next day I had already gone up an additional 2.5 lbs.  

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