Monday, August 6, 2012

31.5 weeks


August 6, 2012

How far along? 31.5 weeks

Total weight gain:  14 lbs so says the Dr.
Maternity clothes?  I wear them every day, some are getting a little snug now.  
Stretch marks? Getting a few little ones right around my belly button – not awful – but I see them. Still using oil and lotion.  It stinks but is totally worth it!
Sleep:  Not sleeping well.  I also get tired much easier these days. 
Best moment this week: finally started selling my school supplies...lets get this house clean and organized! Also finally got in a pool for the 1st time this summer.  loved it!  
Miss Anything?   Miss sleeping deeply and on my tummy!                      
 Lots and lots, it looks so funny to watch my tummy move – it looks like there’s an alien in there.  NOPE! It’s just my baby!                                               
Food cravings:  I really wanted orange Julius this week.  Didn’t get it but man it sounded good.  Instead J took me to sonic for  a strawberry cream slush.  It did the trick!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  It seems that after I eat anything now I get a little queasy.  It’s not awful but its annoying. – yep pretty much get a little queasy after I eat anything.
Gender:  Let’s hear it for the BOY!
Labor Signs: more Braxton hicks – some are a bit uncomfortable.

Symptoms:  Restless legs at night, some Braxton hicks, heart burn, and out of breath much easier now
Belly Button in or out?     In, I can finally feel the bottom though J                                                    
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Very happy and excited!  I may occasionally cry at something I never would’ve cried at before but hey it’s all part of the experience!
Looking forward to: The ULTRASOUND this week!  CAN NOT WAIT!  And celebrating J’s BIRTHDAY!  (How can I not mention how excited I am about the baby shower too!  2 weeks!!  I always get a little nervous though that no one will show up! L)
To do list: 
·         pick a pediatrician
·         talk to my doctor about my labor and delivery (what if my amazing Dr. isn’t there to deliver my baby?  Will the on call Dr. fully understand my body/situation and help me to have this baby naturally or without a C Section as long as it is safe?  I trust my dr. completely but there is a chance that he may not be able to be there when I deliver – so I want to know what I’m getting into and what support I’ll have) 
·         Decorate the nursery
·         Tour the hospital
·         Take a breastfeeding class (I signed up for it tonight! YAY, I’m excited!)
·         Write my birthing plan
·         Keep practicing breathing exercises
·         Go on a baby moon (a vacation before baby comes)
·         Pack my hospital bag (I know I still have some time but it will need to be done eventually)
·         Pick a name or at least narrow it down to a few
·         Find a coming home outfit for baby
·         Find a photographer for maternity photos and newborn pictures
·         Wash all of the baby laundry
·         Buy a video camera
·         Buy a car seat, crib mattress, crib bedding, bookcase for all our children’s books
Misc.:  nothing really to add…been working our tails off selling all of my teaching materials.  It has been exhausting!  WHEW!  But we got a LOT done! 

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