Tuesday, August 14, 2012

32.5 weeks

August 13, 2012

How far along? 32.5 weeks (according to Oct 3 due date) 

Total weight gain:  12 lbs (yeah I went down 2 lbs at the drs office, don’t know how that happened, but back on my scale at home I’m back up to around 15lbs)
Maternity clothes?  Yep still wear them when I go out, otherwise I’m starting to enjoy BIG comfy tshirts that aren’t cute but sure are comfy while around the house. 
Stretch marks? Just a few very tiny ones around my belly button.  Not awful, but they’re there.  Oh well! Still using oil and lotion (I do think it’s helped my skin not be as itchy)
Sleep:  2 hours here, 2 hours there, trip to the bathroom, get a drink or a snack, flip over, move the pillows, try the recliner, move to the couch, try the bed again, it’s interesting that’s for sure! J
Best moment this week:  My doctor’s appointment with Dr. Wilson and seeing the baby on the ultrasound.  Dr. Wilson told me he wants to be there when I go into labor and to call him when I go in – OH WHAT A RELIEF. (if he isn’t on call already)
Also went to Merri’s birthing class again this week with Angie.  It was lots of fun!
Baby D's little profile, look at that perfect nose!

Here is Baby D scratching his head :) His arm in front of his face

Here's bis little face - chin, cheeks, eyes, perfection!

Here are Baby D's little legs.  He keeps his feet close together and likes to kick mommy's ribs! 
Miss Anything?  I miss sleeping on my tummy.                          
 Big movements that sometimes are even a little uncomfortable (but yes I love it all)! In the ultrasound we saw that baby D is already head down and his feet are up by my ribs and man he likes to kick sometimes!  But I am really loving feeling all of it because I know soon enough I will miss it SO much!
Food cravings:  Nothing too bad.  Been enjoying some peanut butter, cheese, oh yum! Things I didn’t really eat before I got pregnant.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  I get a little sick after I eat anything now it seems. It isn’t miserable just uncomfortable and I don’t know why.  I’ve tried eating smaller portions or different foods, it doesn’t really matter.
Gender:  ALL BOY!  At the ultrasound I asked the tech if it was still a boy.  As she moved the probe she suddenly exclaimed, “WOW!” at the same time as Merri who was there with me.  She showed me that he is definitely ALL BOY in a BIG way.  Oh dear, I couldn’t help but laugh.  She snapped a few pictures and continued to say “WOW” and “OMG”.  When I told Justin about their reactions he laughed and just brushed it off, saying, “oh gosh, whatever!” until he came home and saw the pictures.  Then he laughed and said “WOW” too!  Haha OH DEAR!  Maybe he’ll catch up with his boy parts before he’s born J - just thought this was a funny story!  Seriously the ultrasound tech said wow at least 6 times, even as we were leaving she was commenting on it. 
Is it inappropriate to post these?  (here's the proof that he's all boy!)

Labor Signs:  Getting some Braxton hicks  but nothing other than that thank goodness.  Dr. Wilson said one cervix is shorter than the other by an entire inch but we don’t know if that means anything so we aren’t worrying about it unless something happens like bleeding etc.
Symptoms:  Yucky heartburn often, back pain, some nausea after eating, BAD NESTING (is this even a real thing? Cause man I got it BAD and I’m stressing out over it!  I can’t get enough done in a day!), out of breath easier, 
Belly Button in or out?     In
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy, unless I’m crying uncontrollably about how our house will never be organized and clean before the baby comes.  Poor Justin has had the same conversation with me 20 times!  Love my man!
Looking forward to: MY BABY SHOWER!  It is this WEEK!  I have the best friends in the world I swear!!
·         pick a pediatrician
·        talk to my doctor about my labor and delivery (what if my amazing Dr. isn’t there to deliver my baby?  Will the on call Dr. fully understand my body/situation and help me to have this baby naturally or without a C Section as long as it is safe?  I trust my dr. completely but there is a chance that he may not be able to be there when I deliver – so I want to know what I’m getting into and what support I’ll have) 
·         Decorate the nursery
·         Tour the hospital
·         Take a breastfeeding class (I signed up for it tonight! YAY, I’m excited!)
·         Write my birthing plan
·         Keep practicing breathing exercises (a work in progress)
·         Go on a baby moon (a vacation before baby comes)
·         Pack my hospital bag (I know I still have some time but it will need to be done eventually)
·         Pick a name or at least narrow it down to a few
·         Find a coming home outfit for baby
·         Find a photographer for maternity photos and newborn pictures
·         Wash all of the baby laundry
·         Buy a video camera
·         Buy a car seat, crib mattress, crib bedding, bookcase for all our children’s books
·         Clean the house – well! (yep entire house!)

Misc.:  J and I also picked  a NAME this week but we are going to keep it a surprise until baby D is here. At least we are pretty positive we will use this name.  We won't be 100% until we write it on the BC.   J would prefer not to hear anyone's opinions on the matter so we will just keep it a surprise!    We both love it and get all happy and excited when we hear it.  We feel really good about it so unless we meet our little man and the name just doesn't feel right, then we are good to go.  

The ultrasound and doctor’s appointments were perfect!  I love my doctor and feel very blessed to have him.  

The ultrasound:
First the tech measured my cervixes (yep I have TWO) and then she went to check the heartbeat.  The hearbeat was 137 I believe which is perfect. Then we saw his beautiful face, little cheeks and the cutest chin, and THEN the tech pointed out that she saw HAIR on our boys head.  This is AMAZING news because I was quite the baldy for a while.  I was so excited to tell this to J!  Our baby D was moving his hand up by his head and we saw his fingers. Then I asked if he was still a boy and he SURE is!  He was keeping his feet together but we still got a great view of his male anatomy.  Then we saw his little legs and toes which are up by my ribs.  Also got the good news that he is already head down and he most likely won’t turn since the head is the heaviest part of a babies body.  YIPPEE!  I LOVED seeing our little guy on the big screen.  Can’t wait to see him face to face next time!

Then I got to see Dr. Wilson and he reported that one cervix is shorter than the other but we aren’t concerned by that.  Dr.’s don’t generally do ultrasounds at this point in pregnancies so we don’t know what the average length of a 32 week pregnant woman is.  So mine could be completely normal.  Either way we are hoping for cervixes of steal until D Day. 

We discussed what could happen with my cervixes when I go into labor.  We don’t know what is going to happen so Dr. Wilson laid out the options.  1. One cervix could dialate and Baby D could slip out one side. 2. Baby D’s head could push down directly onto the septum or wall that is between the 2 cervixes and nothing could happen (this would be if the septum was very strong, which is possible if it is cervical tissue because that stuff is SUPPOSED to be strong to hold a baby in) OR 3. The baby’s head could push on the septum and rip through it and he comes that way. 

If the septum does tear they will need to check for bleeding.  No bleeding would be IDEAL and nothing would have to happen different from any other typical delivery.  If there is bleeding however then he will have to stop it by stitching me up.  If it just a small tear then he can stitch me up there – but I would need an epidural if I didn’t already have one, and if it is larger he will have to take me to an OR and put me under and J would need to stay with the baby.  We are hoping and praying that if #3 happens there will be NO bleeding.  I’m not even going to think about the alternatives right now. 

J will give me a priesthood blessing and I know that I will be watched over.  We have been so blessed this far, that nothing matters as long as we get a healthy baby. 

Then I brought up my concern to Dr. Wilson, what if I go into labor and he isn’t at the hospital?  Will any other Dr. know what to do with me?   Then the wonderful Wilson told me that he WANTS to be there and to call him directly.  This relieved so many of my fears and concerns!  And if by SOME chance he can’t be there he said to let the Dr.s know about my condition because they don’t generally go into a delivery looking for 2 cervixes. 

So all in all I’m still having a healthy and boring routine pregnancy and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it!  It is such a miracle to us and we thank our Heavenly Father every day for this sweet baby and my healthy pregnancy!  

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