Sunday, June 24, 2012

25.5 weeks

Sunday, June 24, 2012

How far along? 25.5 Weeks

Total weight gain: 10-12 big ones (this is the only time it is ok to see that scale creeping up! That means our baby is growing, so grow baby grow!)

Maternity clothes?  Pretty much every day.  I’ve come to the conclusion that what I wear really makes a difference as to if I look pregnant or not.  And they are just so much more comfortable! 

Stretch marks? not yet

Sleep: I know it is going to get harder and harder but I have had some difficult nights.  Its funny how turning over during the night is such a challenge! Mostly just back pain so I try lots of different positions.  Thank goodness for a sweet husband who hasn’t kicked me out of bed yet for tossing and turning all night!

Best moment this week: We REGISTERED for baby items.  It was so much fun and also completely overwhelming!  Thanks to my sister Merri for taking time out of her busy day to come rescue us at Target!  She really helped speed up the process and answered so many questions.  J was a great sport and he humored me with all of my indecisiveness!  I adore him!   But man, talk about overwhelming.  There’s like 50 kinds of pacifiers and 40 different bottles and it goes on and on.  How the heck is  a 1st time parent supposed to know what to get?  Good thing Baby D will be little and won’t remember all the mistakes we make!  And lucky for us we’ve had some amazing examples of parents to watch before we have to dive in! 

J scanning an item for our baby registry! 

Yeah the horizontal stripes really aren't so flattering are they :)

Miss Anything? Just missing my old back with no pain J  It could be so much worse though so I’m NOT complaining! 
Movement: All the time.  Today in church I could feel movements up close to my ribs.  It was crazy to think how much our boy has grown already and how he’s already up that high or close to my ribs.  He also woke me up one night with his strong movements.  I think feeling the baby move and sharing it with J is one of my favorite things about pregnancy.  It is SUCH a miracle to think that I am growing OUR baby.  A piece of J and a piece of me.  I am in awe!  The best part of a busy busy day is coming home, laying down next to my best friend and just watching and feeling our boy wiggle. 

Food cravings: I don’t think I’ve really experienced any serious cravings yet.  Nothing to exciting yet.  I hope I do get a craving though so I can say I had one J  I want to experience it ALL!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, doing great in that dept.

Gender: snakes and snails and puppy dog tails! 

Labor Signs: No.  Have felt my uterus tighten up which is crazy cool, but it doesn’t hurt at all.  J loves to feel it when it’s all hard and tight, it amuses him!

Symptoms:  Also feeling that uterus tighten up occasionally.  It often happens when I stand up.  I am trying to drink a lot of water and hope that helps, even if it means running to the bathroom frequently.

Belly Button in or out? Still in and we still can’t see the bottom of it.  I think I have the worlds deepest belly button.

Wedding rings on or off? On!  I’m so grateful I’m not swollen yet.  I will be grateful for every good day where I’m not sick or swollen or on bed rest.  I feel like the luckiest pregnant woman alive, especially given my circumstances. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY! But I definitely get emotional too…if I’m being completely honest.  But I do think the majority of the time I’m blissfully happy! Although I did make a craft (I’m trying to slowly decorate this house) and I used gorilla glue.  Well the glue expanded to 3x the original size and ruined the project!  I was devastated and may have overreacted a bit, haha.   I do tear up a bit easier, oh poor poor Justin.  They never talk about how pregnancy affects the man.  He’s being a great sport! With back rubs and hugs and unlimited patience. 

Looking forward to: Finishing my LAST week of work and then swimming, resting, cleaning, organizing, and just getting ready for things.  Also can’t wait for the FOURTH OF JULY.  Time with family is my favorite thing!  I can’t believe that next year we will have a baby to dress up in red white and BLUE!  I just can’t wait!

Not looking forward to: Our prepared child birth classes being over - tear!  They have been wonderful (of course made even more wonderful since my husband has loved them and been super interested in what we learn. AND that my big sister taught us!  She is FANTASTIC!) I don’t want them to be over because they get me so excited!

Misc.: This week I got the results back from the lab that I do not have Group B strep yet.  YAY! My sweet friends have also started planning my baby shower and I am just so blessed to have such great family and friends in my life.  I’m so excited for all that I have in store!

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for my Sunday maternity dresses my sister Tiffany and dear friend Angie gave me.  They have changed my Sundays!  THANK YOU GIRLS!

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