Tuesday, June 12, 2012

23.5 weeks

6/12/12 (last day of 23 weeks)

How far along? 23.5 Weeks
I think I'm pretty obviously pregnant right?  I don't look like I just ate a big meal...I feel like in the last 3-4 weeks it just popped.  

Total weight gain/loss: 8 lbs give or take
Maternity clothes? YES and I love them! 
Stretch marks? Not yet.  I had  a scare this week after I woke up I thought I had suddenly gotten them all over my belly, but it turns out it was just marks on my skin from the sheets. I stood in front of the mirror and almost screamed!  It was quite frightening! ;)
Sleep: My poor back – Moving and turning over has become a chore, partly because I want to take my pregnancy pillow with me.  Sleep isn’t awful but it isn’t great either.
Best moment this week:  We SAW my belly move.  It is amazing.  I love to lay with J and just watch it move.  It is really amazing  and I love sharing it with J more than anything.  I LOVE feeling and now seeing this baby move.  It’s a miracle!

I LOVED watching J put the crib and dresser together.  It was the sweetest thing!  But the ABSOLUTE best part about it was watching him after it was all set up and done.  Every single time he'd walk by the nursery he would turn on the light and go in and look around.  He even texted me before it was finished and said, "are you excited to get the nursery put together?  I am! It will be fun to see what it will look like!"   And he sure loves it.  He loves to look at it and admire it.  It's ADORABLE!  

Also people are just SO nice.  People at work are so concerned for me.  They remind me to drink lots of water if I’m out in the sun or they will grab something or someone (a child) from me if I’m carrying something to heavy.  A few ladies even mention how “small” I look and I love that ;) 

Also LOVE my sisters childbirth classes still.  I’m sad we are ½ way through.  They are fantastic! 

 I also FINALLY found ONE dress to wear to church and I love it. I finally felt pretty last week when I went to church.  Now if I can just find a few more. 

Miss Anything?  Nope, loving every minute.  Ok maybe occasionally when J is having his Mtn Dew I used to love to take a few drinks, now I try so hard not too. 
Movement: all the time. we love laying in bed before we go to sleep and watching and feeling him wiggle.  I've waited and dreamed of this my entire life!
Food cravings: This week I wanted more cheese and a hamburger.  YUM! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope
Gender: Let’s hear it for the BOY!  Let’s give the boy a HAND!  (come-on...sing along!  FOOTLOOSE)
Labor Signs: Nope.  I have felt my tummy really tighten up a few times but it doesn’t hurt at all. and it isn't labor signs

Belly Button in or out? In IN IN
Wedding rings on or off? On and gorgeous
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY although I have been a bit more moody this week than I would’ve liked.  I started going through all of my teaching stuff and am TOTALLY nesting and it has made me a bit emotional. Poor J
Looking forward to: more nursery decorating, getting the house CLEAN and ORGANIZED, and seeing and feeling MORE movement with J.  I can’t get enough! 
Items bought so far: Just today we bought the CUTEST pack n play off of craigslist and I LOVE IT!!!  The family was SO nice and cute!  So up to this point we have: crib & dresser (target), bassinet (free from Tiff), pack n play (craigslist) and a few adorable outfits from a sweet friend Carmen at work, and my Best Friend Ang got me the BEST picture frame to hold an ultrasound picture, I LOVE IT!

How CUTE is HE working on putting that dresser together.  I SURE  LOVE THIS MAN!  I loved sitting back and watching him work.  

the pack n play (also has a canopy and bassinet) Isn't it cute!


  1. Awe, I love reading your blog! It's so refreshing to hear such a happy and positive prego story! Your excitement for everything baby is so cute Natalie! And may I say that you look so beautiful and skinny still with your baby bump! I love your long model hair!! :)

    I was so close to taking Merri's class last summer and was bummed when I couldn't, the dates to her classes ran to close to my due date so I had to take from someone else. She was always so sweet and offered any advice if I needed it tho! I love you and your sisters!

  2. I love your blog! I'm totally going to steal your prego journey questions for when I am pregnant next! It is so creative and such a cute memory to always have!! PS The pack and play is way cute!! Love it!!