Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trip To Colorado

Over Memorial Day weekend Justin and I decided to go up to Colorado Springs to visit my sister Tiffany for her birthday and my nephew Michael’s birthday and so that we could FINALLY meet sweet baby Lucy.  My dad’s sister, my Aunt Karen, was also going to be in Denver visiting her son.  When we learned this we knew we HAD to make it up there so we could see her.  I just LOVE my Aunt Karen and really wanted Justin to get to meet her too!  I hadn’t seen her in YEARS!  

We left Friday the 25th and returned home the following Wednesday the 30th.   It was a short trip, but then again they are never long enough. 

The drive up was great!  NO car problems and a safe drive = a great trip.  It took about 12ish hours I think.  So a long drive, but it was also beautiful. 

Saturday was full of FUN.  My Mom and Dad as well as Merri and her family were also all up visiting.  Merri had gone up the week before to help Tiffany and my Mom and Dad had planned on going for sometime since we thought Michael was going to be baptized this weekend.  (He is not being baptized until end of July now though due to Rog having to work)  We sure missed Katie and Kade though, it’s never the same when part of the family is missing.  So Saturday we all headed off to “The North Pole, Santa’s Workshop.” It is a little amusement park with rides for little kids.  It was great fun to watch all of the kids having such a blast and watching Pop loving every second.  Even if he was just on the sidelines holding Rhett or Lucy.  Pop bought all of the grandkids ice cream from the ice cream parlor and he took Maggie and Rylee on the merry go round so many times I thought he’d walk off spinning.  He smiled all day long right along with the kids.  It was priceless.  I tried to convince Pop that our baby needed ice cream to, and that it would have to go through me to get to him J  Sadly that argument didn’t fly but Pop did buy me a great frozen yogurt later to make up for it. 

Sadly I didn't pull out my camera enough here either.  I just snapped a few pictures at the petting zoo part.  
Rylee and J feeding bambi

My little Michael feeding the animals

Haha, just thought he looked funny!  

J and I at the North Pole :)

Sunday was Tiffany and Rylee’s birthdays.  It is hard to know how to make a bday special for a mother of 4, especially when her hubby is gone and it falls on a Sunday so we can’t take her out.  So we did our best.  We set up a few little decorations and Pop cooked an amazing meal.  We also made Tiff stay in bed until after 9 and Lucy must’ve KNOWN it was her mommy’s bday because she slept 12 hours that night.  GO LUCE!    The kids helped me make Tiff a special breakfast and we took it to her in bed.  Orange Julius, French toast, and strawberries.  The kids Loved taking it to her and quietly wishing her a happy bday.  IT was adorable!  We had to be quiet because Lucy was in the bassinet next to Tiff still sleeping.  I worried Maggie and Briggs would not be able to contain themselves but they all whispered happy bday and were amazing!   Later that day we had church and just tried to relax and enjoy Pop’s yummy meal. 

Monday was a special Day.  Pop took his oldest grandson and us up to Denver to the Natural History Mueseum where we met up with Aunt Karen and our cousin Donny and Susan.  It was a fabulous day that we will never forget.  Michael was in HEAVEN.  Pop let him pick where we went in the museum and Michaeal was fascinated by the science and facts. 

Michael at the museum by a golden T REX tooth.  What  a handsome boy!  

How do YOU measure up??  

My one regret for the entire trip is that I didn’t get a picture of me and my aunt Karen.  L I can’t believe it.  I guess I’ll have to settle for stealing on of my sisters pictures of her with the grandkids.  We had a great time visiting with my Aunt and the Freeman family.  They are wonderful and we sure love them!

My aunt told great stories about my Dad when he was little.  One I really enjoyed was when my dad was about 2 or so, he carried around his Dad’s (my Pop’s) big heavy ash tray. (I didn’t know my Pop used to smoke – not my dad but his dad) anyway it broke and cut my Dad’s hand pretty badly.  They had to take him to get stitches.  They wrapped it up but my aunt said that ANYTIME they’d unwrap it and my dad would see the stitches, he’d tenderly hold his hand and say, “Poowr Baby, Poowr baby!!”  HAHA I thought that was pretty funny! 
She also told us that she was 14 when my dad was born so anyone who didn’t know their family too well thought my dad was hers because she was always holding him and taking care of him.

When my Aunt Karen was born, she wasn’t able to see her parents for a few weeks because her brother had meningitis and so a family member took care of her for many weeks.  I thought that was interesting too. 
ANYWAY we had a great visit in Denver and made great memories. 

It was the CUTEST THING!  J was sitting at the top of the stairs talking to me while I got ready (see my preggo belly in the background) and Maggers came right up and sat next to J while playing the ipad.  LOVE!  It was adorable to say the least!

Tuesday was our last day in CO and we wanted to make the most of it.  We woke up and Tiff, kids, Pop, and J and I all drove through the beautiful Garden of the Gods (after a delicious breakfast of the creamiest oatmeal made by Pop).  Then we went to Seven Falls, this beautiful waterfall up in the canyon.  I had been there once before but was very excited to take J and Pop. 

It was BEATIFUL!  First we rode an elevator up to a lookout where you can see all 7 Falls.  Poor Pop had to take a business call, but we didn’t mind.  We were just happy to have him with us! 

Then Michael, J and I were brave and hiked all of the 224 steps up to the very top.  Michael liked being between J and I for safety, it was so cute!  But he braved his way all the way up, way to go!  It was a beautiful view.
At the bottom of the falls there are lots of rainbow trout and another kind of fish that everyone enjoyed feeding.  

J and Maggie Pie

Nat and Lil Lucy, we finally met and were instant friends! Isn't she beautiful!  I love her in that yellow!  

Long way to go!

Don't look down!

1/2 way to the top

I really like this view! Hubba Hubba!  wink wink

We made it!

Pop and the middle daughters at Seven Falls

After the Falls J and I said goodbye to Pop, Tiff, and kids, and we went on our separate way to the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway. 

It was fantastic.  It is a 3 hour train ride up a cog railway that goes to the summit of Pikes Peak.  The entire trip up is narrated by someone aboard the train which was fascinating.  She gave lots of interesting facts and info.  We learned about the car race up Pikes Peak each year as well as the marathon race.  The fastest car on record took a turn at 76 mph (IMPOSSIBLE I SAY!) and the straightaways as 120something.  When we did get to the top we talked with a man that drove and said he couldn’t get his car to go more than 30 up the mtn and it wouldn’t go more than 15 around a sharp turn.  There are also no guardrails, so J and I were quite happy we chose the railroad route! 
All aboard!  Time to go J! 

on the way UP

the tree line

We also saw Marmots, a rodent of unusual size (ROUS’s) above the treeline.  J had told me about these on his trip to Yosemite, so I was excited to see some in real life.  There were also some hikers the train picked up at the top of the peak who rode down with us and they told us they had thrown up 3 times from altitude sickness.  WOW. 
the cog rail road

the Marmot 

Yep that's snow! 

When we got to the top it was like we were at the TOP of the world.  We could see in every direction and it was breathtaking…and COLD.  I loved sharing these memories with my Best Friend!  On the way down we enjoyed the view and had a little difficulty keeping our eyes open.  With all of the activity of the last few days, sitting still for a little bit on this peaceful train ride made us a little sleepy.  We managed to stay awake though.  J  It was amazing.

On the drive back J and I may have gotten a little turned around and had to drive through the garden of the Gods a few extra times trying to find our way out. Good thing it was beautiful! :)

We had an AMAZING trip.  We are so grateful for Tiff and her sweet hospitality.  And we just adore her sweet children.  Thanks for an unforgettable trip Tiff.  We sure Love you and wish we could’ve stayed forever! 
Tiff also got out ALL of her maternity clothes, body pillow, bassinet, and a book called Babywise, and she gave them to me.  I am so grateful for her kindness and generosity.  However in case she decides to have any more babies (she is just so good at it!!) I’ll take good care of it all.  Thanks again!! We can’t wait to come back!!  

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