Tuesday, June 5, 2012

22.5 weeks

May 5, 2012

It looks like it just popped out this week!  Way to grow baby!

How far along? 22.5 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: about 6-8 lbs. (depends on the day and time of day)

Maternity clothes? I’ve had 2 great trips to Ross and had a sister that donated all of her maternity clothes.  Thanks Tiff!  Don’t worry I’ll take good care of them in case you ever need them again!  I’m just having an awful time trying to find some dresses to wear to church!  I only have one MAYBE 2 skirts I can still wear and they just aren’t cute! 

Stretch marks? Not yet…if and when they do come I may just delete this question so I’m not so depressed J

Sleep: Sleeping has been getting more challenging, ½ way through the night I wake up with pretty bad back pain.  By early morning it is pretty hard to sleep because my back hurts so much.  But I’m NOT complaining.  Just stating that sleeping isn’t what it used to be for me.   However, I did get an AMAZING pregnancy body pillow from my sister that makes a WORLD of difference.  I LOVE IT!  Thanks sis!!!

Best moment this week: Going to our FIRST childbirth class together, taught by my oldest sister Merri!  It was great.  I have looked forward to going to my sisters classes since my first sister got to go over 8 years ago, now it was OUR turn.  It was made even better than expected when Justin and I got home and Justin told me that he really liked it and thought it was very informative and helpful.  (and that’s just after class #1) YIPPE!  It was great! 

J says one thing he learned from class was about contractions.  He didn’t know you could get them in your back.  One thing I learned is that moving during labor is actually HELPFUL!  So walking around, sitting on an exercise ball, rocking in a rocking chair etc. is all GOOD and HELPS in labor.  Lying in bed is not as beneficial.  Moving can also help distract you somewhat from the pain.  I also learned how important it is to be comfortable. So if I need to bring in my own pillows, music that soothes me, a picture etc I will if it will help me be more comfortable, therefore making delivery that much easier. Hey every little thing helps right!! 

Thanks Merri, can’t wait for NEXT week. 

Also buying the crib and dresser.  It was quite exciting.  It was also fun to watch J set it all up.  I helped  a little J  At first I was stressing over how much it all costs.  YIKES!  (you will not be surprised by this if you know me) And then it hit me how lucky and grateful I am that we are spending money on actual items for this baby instead of paying a Dr. to help us conceive a baby.  YEP I’m blessed.  Can’t complain about spending a few $$ when we could still be paying thousands just to get pregnant. 

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my tummy and having clothes/dresses to wear to church J

 Movement: Justin has now officially felt the baby move TWICE!  Amazing!  We did have Justin push a little while I pushed on the side of my tummy, and Justin doesn’t like that.  He worries that squishing the baby isn’t good for him.  Haha silly J!
 I feel Baby D move every day and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  It is stronger than I thought it would be this early.  I have felt what could have possibly been hiccups as well but it didn’t last long so Im not positive.   

Food cravings: Nothing to bad yet that I’ve HAD to HAVE.  But Merri had cubes of cheese and wheat thins at class Monday and I couldn’t get enough.  OH MY it makes my mouth water now!  I want that cheese!  Delish!  Also my sweet friend Angie brought me over these chocolate zucchini muffins and I at 3 that day.  Oh MAN they were AMAZING! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really.  Even went up to an elevation of 14,110 feet on Pikes Peak in CO and was great.  YAY!!  WAIT…I did see a picture of an episiotomy/tear in my birthing class book and that really did make my stomach sick!  OH MY!

Have you started to show yet: Sure have!  Haven’t had any comments from people that didn’t know yet, so I ‘m wondering if I still just look chubby, but it is definitely becoming obvious!  Especially if I wear the right clothes.

Gender: BOY oh BOY!!

Labor Signs: Nope.  Occasionaly I have a sharp pain and I worry a bit, but it isn’t anything thank goodness.  What a MIRACLE!

Belly Button in or out? In

Swelling?  Not yet

Wedding rings on or off? On and as pretty and perfect as ever.

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy as a clam…feeling so very blessed and grateful for a healthy pregnancy.

Looking forward to: Next birthing class, seeing the baby move, and doing more to the nursery.  Everything is so exciting!!

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  1. Oh! You are darling! I LOVE your cute little belly! ADORABLE! I'm so glad you're (both)enjoying my classes. It is SO fun for me to finally have you in class. Can't wait to meet this lil guy!