Sunday, November 18, 2012

What we know about Mr. Lincoln so far...

What we know about our Mr. Lincoln at 3 and 4 weeks:

He LOVES to suck on anything!  His hands, your finger, a binky, gripe water, nursing, ANYTHING but from the moment he was born he has loved to suck!

He likes to MOVE IT MOVE IT!  Our Mr. Linc is a mover!  At 2 weeks old he rolled over from his tummy to his back and he has continued since then anytime we do tummy time.  I also believe he will soon roll from his back to his tummy because he can arch his back and has almost done it many times on the changing table or bed or floor.  YIKES!  He kicks his legs and can turn his body all around when doing tummy time.  If you lay him vertically on the blanket he can turn his body horizontally just from wiggling and kicking his legs.  Friends and family comment all the time about how much he wiggles and moves; some even say they never worried about dropping a baby until now because he won’t hold still. 

Mr. Linc goes from 0-60 in no time at all.  There is no warming up with him.  When he is hungry or dirty he will let you know immediately. 

He loves baths.  After his “tag” (as daddy called it) or cord fell off we gave him a bath and he was in heaven.  It is one of the few times that Linc will hold still and be quiet as a mouse!  He especially loves when we wash his hair.

He loves noise like shhhshing, music, mommy and daddy’s voices, ocean, rain, etc.  He also likes it LOUD.  It often calms him and helps put him to sleep. 

Our Linc loves tummy time, well at least for a few minutes. He is great at keeping his head up and moving it from side to side (it amazes us!)

Little Linc ADORES his daddy and will often calm down for him when he won’t for mommy. Daddy really has touch with his little mini me!  

Mr. Lincoln also (usually) sleeps GREAT at night.  He will generally go to sleep around 11 or 12 and sleep 4-6 hours.  I KNOW!!  How lucky am I.  We have gotten a few 5 hour stretches and even a 6 hr stretch once or twice.  We work hard trying to keep him awake before we go to sleep and then he sleeps really well in our room in a pack and play.  Mommy is very grateful!!! 

Linc also likes gripe water.  He will always quiet down and suck it down if it is offered.  I don’t know if it actually helps him at all but he sure likes it. 

Linc loves to eat and he is pretty good at it now.  He also likes to eat often in the evenings.  Mommy doesn’t mind at all though as long as he keeps sleeping like a champ!

Linc also loves music.  The other night mommy and daddy sang to him and he just laid in daddies arms and listened.  It was so sweet. 

Linc is starting to look at us much more and for longer periods of time.  I love staring into his little face.  

Linc LOVES his changing table.  He rarely (almost never) cries when we change him and lay him on his changing table.  He looks around (I think he likes the contrasting colors on the wall and the shelf above his head)

Linc loves to be swaddled when he is ready to sleep

Mr. Lincoln HATES the sun in his eyes.  Guess we will need to find him some baby shades :)

First bath with help from Aunt Merri
splish splash he just took a bath

Fuzzy Head after bath - we LOVE that profile

He loves music - Merri and Rylee singing to cousin Linc

he loves his Daddy!!

I let you know when I'm not happy!

I love to be swaddled

One week old

I love tummy time

Im a pretty great sleeper!  But I usually sleep best if I'm swaddled!

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  1. I love that he likes loud noise :) Our kids hated nursery lullaby songs as babies and Ryan would only calm down and sleep if we turned on Lincoln Park kinda loud.