Sunday, November 4, 2012

What they don’t tell you can happen after having a baby!

Saturday night after I fell asleep I woke up and knew I had a fever.  I felt lousy but figured it was part of recovery.  I was sweating but freezing and I knew I had a fever.  The next day I tried to ignore it but finally took my temp and it was 101.6.  The nurse and discharge instructions told us if I got a fever over 101to call the Dr.  So we called but of course it was the weekend and the answering service told us to go to urgent care and I most likely had a breast infection, even though there were no signs of one yet except the fever. 

J took me to urgent care and we had to leave our sweet newborn baby with Grandma Thornburg. Thank GOODNESS she was there or I would’ve panicked.  I didn’t want to take my sweet baby to a hospital or leave him with someone.  But if you have to leave your baby with someone, Grandma is the best!  And thankfully with all of my struggles with breastfeeding I had been pumping plenty and Linc was great at taking a bottle (probably another answer to prayers that I had pumped and he knew how to take a bottle)

When we got to urgent care they said that they didn’t feel comfortable seeing me and they sent us to the ER.  BOO!  So we headed over to the ER.  Once they got us settled they had to draw blood and put in an IV port in case I needed an IV.  Well I HATE IV’s and I told them this.  I warned them that I get sick occasionally and sometimes pass out.  So the nurse attempted to start one when she says, “whoops, it didn’t work.  Oh, and you’re going to have quite the bruise.” 

WHOOPS??  Don’t tell me WHOOPS!  How about an, I’m so sorry or an apology of some kind?  UGH! 
Thankfully the second time was the charm. 

Then you’ll never believe all I had to go through just 1 week after having a baby.  They had to do a catheter to get a clean urine sample – NOT FUN after having a baby and being swollen down there!  They also had to do a pelvic exam – yep, once again NOT FUN!  It was awful and I didn’t get a reward like a baby afterwards like I did after labor. 
My fever continued to go up and all of the tests came back with no conclusive results.  Very frustrating.  They also kept the room freezing cold but wouldn’t let me have any blankets because of my fever.  How rude!

They told me to continue taking Tylenol and IBprofin to keep the fever down and to call my dr the next day.  Well thanks for nothing.  After a $100 copay and leaving my baby all day that’s all I get?  I was disappointed and felt awful.

Well my fever seemed to go down some with the medicine but 2 days later I still had it and my left breast was sore, red, hot, and very painful AND I had awful awful cramps, so I called my Dr and got in to see them.  It is no fun going out after just having had a baby and feeling awful.  I also was so nervous to take Lincoln out because I didn’t know when he’d need to eat etc.  Thankfully Grandma came with us and was my support! 

The doctor reported that I had a breast infection and the beginning of a uterine infection and I got a Rx for antibiotics.  I was grateful for some answers but frustrated that I was feeling so crummy and wasn’t able to enjoy each second of my new baby boy.  I think we are blessed that we caught it early on, especially the uterine infection because I don’t think I could’ve handled much more. 

My mom was so great at helping to take care of me, especially with J back to work.  She would bring warm compresses for my breasts, keep me hydrated with lots of fluids, feed me, keep the house spotless, and tell me that I was doing great.  I couldn’t have survived without her.  Thanks Grandma!  We sure love you! 
My home team! LOVE THEM!

I’m just glad that all ended and now I can finally completely enjoy my precious baby!


  1. Natalie! I saw your comment on Elisa's blog and stalked my way over here :).

    First, CONGRATS mama! :) How precious is your little guy!? We just had another little girl (that's baby #3 in 3 years whew!) 10 weeks ago, so I'm right there with ya in the newborn stage. Well kinda. I'm in denial that she's already almost 3 months old. ACK!

    Anyway, you are a trooper! I had mastitis too with Collin (our first) but didn't get it until 2 weeks or so after he was born so I never went to the doctor because I just thought it was the flu. DUH me! Anyway, never took anything for it but 4 months later felt a huge lump in my boob (sorry TMI?) and found out I had an abscess! GAH! Anyway, long story, but everything ended up being fine and I nursed through the whole thing. Collin weaned himself at 12 1/2 months. I just wanted you to know you're not alone and that you can TOTALLY do it! And I wanted to touch base with you again since we haven't talked since I got off facebook :).

    Keep it up! You're doing great Natalie! In just a few more short weeks you'll feel like you've been nursing your entire life :). (Or maybe you already feel like that? ha ha).

    Love ya!

  2. P.S. How cute is your mom? What a sweet lady!

  3. Congrats on baby Lincoln, he is just perfect and beautiful in every way! I got your comment about bf on my blog and I with Nikki hope that you continue on in the journey and find some precious moments with Lincoln through it. My best advice would be to have that constant support, if Nikki hadn't literally been calling/texting me everyday I would have hands down stopped after the first month. It just helped to have someone to relate with who could honestly tell me that it would get better and it did and will continue to get better.

    You will be a nursing pro in no time, I bet you already are! Keep it going! :) And you already are the best Mom ever, your positive attitude towards parenting is inspiring. Thanks for sharing all your moments! Love you!