Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lincoln at 6 weeks

November 19, 2012

Mr. Lincoln at 6 weeks:

This little ball of baby is OUR WORLD!  I can’t seem to get anything done during the day because when my little man is awake and happy I want to play with him and mentally record each second so I never forget how perfect it is right now!  When his is awake and not happy I want to make him feel better and when he is sleeping I want to snuggle him, so when does that leave me time to accomplish anything?  Yeah it doesn’t really, which is challenging as Christmas is approaching! 
On Monday, November 5th J and I were cozy in our bed staring at our perfect baby.  It was a wonderful moment that I just wanted to freeze.  As we were staring and talking to our little guy he looked right at us and gave us the most beautiful, biggest bright eyed smile we’d ever seen.  It was absolutely amazing.  I’ve seen my nieces and nephews smile as babies and I’ve heard parents talk about just how wonderful it is to see their child smile, and I believed them, sure!  But I didn’t comprehend just how magnificent smiles from my baby would be! 

Justin had this week and next week off before he starts his new job with Freeport McMoRan (I couldn’t be more proud and happy for him!)  and we have enjoyed spending the mornings in bed together, while staring at and talking to our little Linc.  Well this Tuesday, November 13, Linc was really staring at us and he smiled again and that is when it really began.  Since Tuesday (5 weeks and 2 days) Linc has shown off his precious gummy smile.  He has this twinkle in his eyes and he opens his mouth so wide like he is laughing with no sound, although occasionally we get a sweet baby coo or squeak.  Every day since Tuesday Linc will give us some great smile sessions!  I could just eat him UP!

Each and every time Lincoln smiles for me I yell to Justin or poke him if he’s next to me.  We love sharing the smiles together and I just want to capture it on a camera so I never forget it! 

Other facts about Linc at 6 weeks:

He is still in newborn diapers and newborn clothes.  J has suggested trying size 1 diapers and I did NOT like that idea.  I did humor him once and try one and it leaked, so we don’t need to try that again!  Nope, my baby can stay my newborn forever! 

We tried weighing him at Grandma D’s house on her bread scale and I think he is about 8.5 lbs.  The scale said 9 but he was dressed and had a wet diaper etc…

He is smiling much more often and it is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!  No really, it is!

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He is still rolling over regularly.  Almost anytime we put him on his tummy he will flip right over like its nothing!

His hair is thinning out on top because his head is growing so much

He still loves to be swaddled and we just tried the MOBY wrap this week and we are both BIG FANS!!! 

Lincoln loves his rattle

Lincoln is now sleeping in his crib rather than the pack n play in our room.  We leave our bedroom door open and his bedroom door open and I can see his crib from where I lay in bed.  This helps J sleep a little better and I feel like I don’t need to run to pick our little LInc up every time he makes a peep.  Tiff also reminded me that it will mean no difficult transition to sleeping in a new room and new bed when he is older.  He is still super close to me and it is working out perfectly.

From the pack n play in our room to...
the crib in his nursery.
The last 3 nights Lincoln has eaten for about 40 min (20 min one hour and 20 min the next hour) around 11 and 12 and then he sleeps for 7, HEAR ME …7 HOURS!!  From 12-7am.  It is amazing.  My little boy LOVES ME!  I am really hoping that 3 nights in a row means it is going to be a habit! 

Lincoln has gone to his first movie and he slept through every minute of it.  He slept through Skyfall – James Bond.

Lincoln went on a trip up to the Mogollon Rim yesterday and slept all the way up and back in the car.  He loved being snuggled in the wrap as we walked him around the lake.  He loves the outdoors just like his daddy!  We hope he will continue to love the car rides too!

Lincoln survived his first full 3 hours of church today.  Last week he slept through the entire 2 hours of stake conference.  During the closing prayer in RS Little Linc made a loud poop and had all the sisters dying laughing.   Oh my little boy! 

We have to tell Lincoln to sit down in the bath tub!  He likes to be stiff as a board and he won’t relax and bend to sit in his bath chair, so mommy and daddy have to tell him to sit in the bath tub, and he is only 6 weeks!

Lincoln also spits up pretty regularly.  It doesn’t seem to bother him much, unless it happens after he is asleep and it gets him wet and cold.

He loves to study our faces and we sure love to study his!  He can track things much better now and he loves staring at ceiling fans and the view from his changing table.

Lincoln is very vocal.  He sure lets you know when he isn’t happy.  Sometimes his cries scare his mama because his face gets SO RED and he goes silent (like he isn’t breathing) and then he really lets you have it!  Sometimes J will say, “You’re not talking very nicely to me!”  or “I don’t appreciate your tone young man” and it cracks me up and helps me relax a little.  I always wondered why many parents act like they could never let their baby cry, and now I am that very parent!  It really breaks my heart to hear him wail!  He even has REAL TEARS that stream down his face.  Seriously! Break my heart!

He still does what I call, the BABY STRETCH.  I hope he never stops!  When you lift him up and is arms go up and bend behind his head and he pulls his legs up and arches his back…oh my heaven! 

You can always hear Linc make a stinky diaper.  He is not discrete about it at all! 

His eyes are a greyish blue and we are hoping they will stay blue just like his daddys!

It sure has been great having Justin around for a little bit before he starts his new job.  We love being a family and just being together.  J is a great daddy and it has all come very naturally to him. Nothing rattles him or stresses him out which amazes me.  He loves his boy so much and watching them together is my very favorite thing in the whole wide world.  I love these boys of mine with every cell in my body!  J is a great helper, even when he was working he would come home and change diapers and burp Linc or snuggle him all night right up until J himself fell asleep.  He is wonderful and I am so grateful to have him in my life.

Lessons from a 6 week old Mom…

I have, after-all, only had this title of a mother now for only 6 weeks and some of the things I’ve learned are:

The dirty house really will still be there tomorrow – but missing those precious moments with my little man won’t be. (yes it sounds cliché but I believe this with my whole heart, so if you come to my house and it isn’t spotless it is because I chose to spend that time with my baby instead – haha or blogging)

It doesn’t just take a little longer to get out the door, it takes a LOT longer. 15 minutes doesn’t even cover it.  People warn you about this and I did believe them, but I didn’t know the extent of it! 

There really is A LOT more laundry!  We only did laundry ever 1 ½ to 2 weeks and now it is much more often.  Partially because we don’t have too many cute actual outfits for Linc (we have tons of jammies though) and because not only is it clothes you wash, but blankets, burp rags, sheets he pees on (in mommy and daddy’s bed too), wash cloths, towels, etc.  I swear people warn you but until it happens to you….

Hearing my baby cry breaks my heart every time

There is nothing more beautiful and priceless to me than seeing my husband hold OUR son or seeing our son look into our eyes and smile at us.  It is like a non verbal way of him saying, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!  

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  1. Our babies were in newborn diapers till 3 months and Brady is now 9 months and still does the baby stretch and I love it!