Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lincoln’s first Doctor’s appointment

We came home with Linc from the hospital on Tuesday, Oct 9.  We had his first doctors appointment the next day on Wednesday, Oct 10.  Mommy was a mess and very sore and had no idea what kind of clothes you are supposed to wear 4 days after having a baby, but we ventured out to the dr.  Thank goodness Daddy was able to come.  (Sadly daddy had to go back to work that next day)

The appointment went well and Linc looked perfect.  When we left the hospital Lincoln weighed 6lbs 10oz and at the Dr. he had gone up to 6lbs 12oz.  When the nurse weighed him she asked us to take off his diaper.  I told her, “Wow you all live dangerously here!”  And sure enough little Linc peed all over her and us.  It was like a hose, it shot up over his head and got the nurse and her paper work first and then I used my hand to cover it up as it pooled around Linc.  The dumb nurse seemed irritated and I was hormonal and annoyed with her.  What did she expect and I know this must happen all the time!  Oh well.  J

The appointment went great and Linc was perfect in every way. 

Our first outing, off to the Doctor

This is not fun!

Found his fingers

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