Sunday, May 6, 2012

What will it be? A He or a She?

Tuesday May 1, 2012

Today I went for my 2nd visit with the Amazing Dr. Richard Wilson.  He is the best man and Dr. anyone could ask for.  And I never thought I’d say that about any OB/GYN - but it's the truth. 

First we had an ultrasound today and it was PHENOMENAL.  First thing we did was hear the beautiful heartbeat and it was normal and strong at 140 bpm.  We immediately saw the beautiful spine and then we looked at the brain.  We saw the cerebellum  and both hemispheres.  We saw Baby D wave its hand and bat at the umbilical cord, kick its feet, open its mouth wide and do all sorts of wiggles. 

Baby D kept his feet together and stayed all balled up most of the time.  It was amazing to see the entire baby on the screen.  The ultrasound tech said that next time we won’t be able to see the entire baby.  She asked if we wanted to know the gender and we said yes but if she would please put it in an envelope for us.  She was happy to oblige.  She told us to look away if we didn’t want to see, but we told her that if we saw - we saw, sadly I didn’t see ANYTHING I could interpret.  Which makes me a little nervous since at the nuchal translucency ultrasound they said 80% it is a boy, but I didn’t see any boy parts J Now I am really wondering what you are baby D!  Later she tried to get a better picture of the boy or girl parts and we didn’t peek then, just to be safe.  Now I’m thinking maybe I should’ve.

The tech said that the placenta is in the back and the baby’s heart looks AMAZING.  She also said the baby was a “Show off”.  J  We looked at the baby’s lips and nose (no cleft pallet) and even saw the baby open up his/her mouth wide (from a profile view) It was amazing.  Justin loved seeing the baby kick and move it’s legs.  It really was amazing to see because we were watching it’s entire body move.  Baby D is absolutely perfect and we feel SO SO BLESSED.  What a miracle.

After I had cleaned up she called me back to get another picture she had forgotten and the baby had moved into a much more difficult to see position.  Seems Baby D was ready for a morning nap.  Good thing he/she cooperated for the first photo shoot!  WE LOVE YOU BABY D! 

Then I talked with Dr. Wilson who told me he didn't know the gender either.  He is so excited with us! He said everything is looking great!  Dr. Wilson ordered the ultrasound early (typically they do them at 20 weeks) but he wanted to check my cervix sooner than that because I actually have 2 cervixes.  We don't know right now if this will cause any complications so we are just keeping an eye on it.  But as of now Dr. W informs me that EVERYTHING looks boring and normal just how we want it too.  Oh except for those 2 cervixes but we already knew about that.   Other than telling me to stay hydrated he said thing are GOOD!  Another miracle to us!  

Just look at that precious little hand waving to us, and that perfectly shaped head.  Oh my goodness we can't wait to meet you baby!

I just wanted to keep some stats for future reference:  

How far along?  17 weeks 6 days (according to my calculations) Dr. Wilson says 18 w 3 d
Total weight gain/loss: 2 lbs gained since last Dr. appointment a month ago (and overall).  But my weight changes so much on a daily basis it's hard to tell. I should be measuring my waist cause that is what is changing the most.    
Maternity clothes? I wear T-shirts to work and my jeans are low-rise so I haven’t had to switch to anything yet.  But it is getting HOT outside and I need some shorts and/or capris asap!  Things are starting to get tighter though and I definitely have a little pooch sticking out. 
Stretch marks? Not yet.  I’m using oil and lotion frequently but who knows if that is preventing.
Sleep: Eh…sleep isn’t what it used to be for me.  I use more pillows and as soon as Justin gets up in the morning I steal both of his.  I wake up more frequently and still try to slip on my stomach/side but it isn’t comfortable.  And boy early in the AM I sure have to go to the bathroom, but I try to hold it until I have to get up. 
Best moment this week: Seeing the baby on the ultrasound and preparing for the gender party with my amazing friends. 
Miss Anything? Not yet, there have been a few times I’ve wanted tuna and a sip of Justins Mtn Dew but I’m hanging in there J
Movement: Nothing yet L  I lay still in bed every night waiting to feel ANYTHING.  We sure saw baby moving today on the ultrasound though!
Food cravings: PIZZA, carbs, anything unhealthy it seems like.  Broccoli too. 
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope, not since I got the awful stomach flu last Sunday when I was supposed to speak in church.  Being really sick when the AC is broken and it’s 103 outside is NO BUENO!  It is funny though how the things I loved BEFORE I was pregnant I haven't wanted or eaten at all, i.e. Chipotle, chicken, pretzels, and cereal (that's right I said CEREAL!!  Crazy right??)
Have you started to show yet: Yep, don’t look pregnant though, just chubby. It is neat to see how the view has changed from when I lay down at night.  There is definitely a bump now.
Gender: We find out TONIGHT!
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button in or out? In, very very in.  Justin and I are making bets on this.  He thinks it’ll pop out eventually but my belly button is deep so I don’t think it’ll ever happen.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Feeling baby D MOVE!!! :)

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your questionnaire! So fun!! Great way to keep up the memories, I sure can't remember most of those! I love your no cereal! Haha! Cracks me up! Who would have thought you would not want cereal. So not Natalie!