Sunday, May 6, 2012

2 Years! Is that all?

Friday night Justin and I went over to our friends Jeff and Angies for our May game night date.  They made  us a delicious dinner and we just visited the night away.  It was good times as always.  I thought I felt some movement that night and since everyone tells me I have probably already felt it I just didn’t know it, I have been waiting for ANYTHING or ANY feelings in the tummy vicinity and Friday was the first time I felt anything that I thought might be it. 

Then Saturday Justin surprised me with fun plans to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.  We slept in, then he took me to Scottsdale to the Studio Movie grill and we saw The Avengers.  We REALLY enjoyed the movie and the environment was so much fun.  Justin ordered a Dew and I got a blue slushy and we shared yummy chips and salsa.  It was WONDERFUL! 

While we were watching the movie I felt the baby move.  I’m almost 100% sure of it!  It made concentrating somewhat difficult but it was pretty amazing.  It was stronger than I had expected, at least at this stage in my pregnancy.  But it is a pretty amazing feeling.  I am looking forward to more movement so I can be sure that is what I was feeling.

Next we went and checked into our hotel.  The Talking stick resort.  The room was on the 6th floor and was GORGEOUS!  They had white robes and I couldn’t help but put it on and love every second of it.  One of my favorite parts of any hotel stay is cranking that AC down low and not worrying about the bill and snuggling with my honey under the covers! 

As we got hungry we decided to go to … Benihanas.  We have never been to a Teppanyaki resturaunt and we thought it would be fun, and it SURE was.  It was very entertaining and after they served our yummy meal they sang us a Japanese song for our anniversary, took our picture and printed it off for us, and gave us a free scoop of chocolate ice cream.  Perfection!

 They made a heart with the chicken fried rice...aww so romantic ;)

 They made an onion train and steam came out...very cool!

We went back to our room and enjoyed time together snuggling and watching tv and waiting for Baby D to move some more.  Could you ask for anything better?  I think not!  

Two years doesn't seem like very long and I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday.  I'm so grateful to have this amazing man in my life.  He is everything I ever dreamed of.  I can't believe all my dreams are coming true.  I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude to my Heavenly Father.  I love you babe and look forward to Eternity together.  Thanks for making our weekend SO special!  


  1. First of all, I am so HAPPY that you're blogging again! Second, your blog is D-arling! Third, Happy Anniversary! We sure love you guys and are so glad that you're right around the corner. I really enjoyed looking back at all your pregnancy updates. What an exciting time! Can't wait to meet this little guy! Love you!

  2. YAY!! I love it!! You're an amazing writer and I love hearing your story!!! I agree with Merri, your blog is super cute!!! You are wonderful!!