Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gender Reveal Party!

After the ultrasound Tuesday morning we invited over close friends for the gender reveal.  We invited: Sam, Casie, Jeff and Angie and Elsie, and Merri and Rich and family.   I haven’t ever really thrown a party so I was a bit nervous about making it fun, and it is extra difficult when you work late.  But I feel like pulled it off with A LOT of help from my amazing hubby. 

We made stove-top chicken and a delicious oven cooked broccoli for dinner.  With “skinny” pink and blue frosted cupcakes, chocolate dipped strawberries and pretzels with pink and blue sprinkles, pink lemonade, pink strawberry whoppers, and blue and white York peppermint candies.  We also provided pink or blue necklaces for guests to wear and asked the guests to dress in pink or blue depending on if they were “team he” or “team she”.  It was LOTS of fun.  It was also very exciting to show off the great pictures of our baby we had taken that morning at the ultrasound!  (I loved saying, “would you like to see pictures of our baby?”)

 Our Sammy
 Miss Casie and Elsie
 Jeff and Angie (Jeff says he didn't put on the blue shirt on purpose - but we know subconsciously he was routing team BOY)

 Let's do this already!!

The Yummy cupcakes I forgot to put out :(  

We proudly displayed the envelope that would reveal boy or girl.  I thought everyone would eat first but we couldn’t wait.  So I called up my mom on one phone and she was at the store, so I had to call up my dad on the hubby’s phone. 

My honey stood by me as we opened the envelope and pulled out a picture and paper that read, “CONGRATULATIONS, it’s a BOY.”  We were THRILLED and in awe.  Tears came to my eyes and it immediately felt so real and wonderful.  We are SO blessed. 

Thanks to all of my amazing friends and family for your love and excitement.  We LOVE YOU!!    We also got the cutest gift from my talented friend Angie.  She MADE these adorable little blocks for Baby D to play with.  They are amazing!

I enjoyed taking special cupcakes into work too on Thursday.

I filled the center with blue cake so they would have to bite into the cupcake to find out BOY OR GIRL.  It was a lot of fun!

 Jenny and Leah - SURPRISE!  haha their faces are awesome!

 Louise and Brit!  Ready...

 The CUPCAKE (I haven't been too much of a baker so I am proud ;)

Aint he ADORABLE!  Hope our lil baby D looks just like his Daddy!

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