Sunday, January 3, 2010

Engaged...Yep I'm EnGaGeD!!

I always thought I would have at least a small idea that I was going to be proposed to on the day that it would happen. However, I was COMPLETELY SURPRISED! So, let me start from the beginning.

Well I had tried hinting to Justin for a long time that he needed to ask my dad to marry me. But, being a boy, I realized I would have to spell it out for him. One night I just straight up said, "Justin, you know you have to ask my dad to marry me right?" To which he responded that he didn't know that and I could tell he was a little surprised and worried by the thought. Well at the beginning of December my dad came up to the valley to buy himself a brand new fancy TV :) Justin knew he was coming up and the night before he asked me if we could meet with my dad so that he could ask him. I was so SHOCKED and EXCITED that Justin wanted to talk to him and that I got to be in on it!!! Personally I think Justin was terrified by the idea and needed my moral support, but either way he wanted to do it!! I called my dad and asked him what he was doing when he came up here. He told me, "Well I'm buying my TV.." YEah dad, thanks I knew that :) So I told him that Justin wanted to talk to him. I could hear my dad start smiling over the phone. (He is the cutest man alive by the way...and don't worry Justin is the sexiest ;o) ) My dad sounded excited and told me he would be happy to and that he'd give us a call after he picked up the tv.

Justin and I decided we would all go out to dinner. We met my parents at Charlestons. When we arrived my dad was the only one at the table. My mother didn't re-appear until 10 minutes (or more) later to which she told me she was hiding out in the bathroom so that we could give our boys some alone time. (Haha, I had to laugh!! Next time maybe you should TELL me about your plans, if you actually want it to work out a certain -way silly mom! )

Well we ate our entire meal and Justin didn't say one word! As we finished eating my Dad stopped trying to make conversation so that Justin would have a chance to ask. I was starting to worry that Justin would be to nervous and wouldn't do it. I even nugged him once I think. Then right before they brought the check Justin said, "I think you know why Natalie and I wanted to talk to you. Natalie and I have been dating for about a year now and we have really gotten to know each other well. We have taken our time and become best friends and I would like to ask for your blessing to marry her."

There was a pause. I panicked. What was my dad doing? Didn't he know that poor Justin was petrified! DAD...SPEAK! :) As I look at my dad I see his hands folded on his tummy and a HUGE proud smile across his face. You'd think that he was almost engaged...jk. It was precious! After a pause that seemed to take forever...right before I almost jumped dad responded, "Well have you decided what you are doing with school yet?"

What is this?? I didn't know my dad was going to question the poor boy. :) Justin and my dad talked a bit about what he wants to do with his life and he asked Justin if he liked me and Justin said, "I more than like her, I love her." Awwww! So SWEET! Melt my heart why dontchya! My dad then said, "Well Justin, we'd love to keep getting to know you and hope you'll come down and visit us over Christmas, and we'd love to give you our blessing." YAY! Then it was a celebration! I couldn't believe it. It seemed a garuntee now that he had to propose :)

Then we all went to Bahama bucks and met up with 2 sisters Merri and her family and Katie and Kade. Good times.

Well now I knew that a proposal had to be coming soon right?! But when? Well like I said before I always thought I'd have at least a small idea that it was coming.

Well December 20, Justin's brother Matthew and his family came to Gilbert. We went over to visit and it was my first time metting them. Justin had promised to take me to see the Christmas lights at the temple (MY favorite thing that I'd been bugging him about since the beginning of Dec) and after visiting with his family he told me we could go see the lights. Well I didn't want to take him away from his family and brother he hadn't seen in a year, and I was enjoying visiting too, so I told him we could just go for FHE the next night. His parents said that they were planning on going too so we could just go together.

The next night he picked me up after work and took me to the temple where we met up with his parents, his younger sister Janae, and his brother Matthew, his wife Carrie, and their 6 children We tried to get there early before the performances started but I guess this night there was 2 performances so one started early. It was very crowded. We walked around and I was completely surprised when we ran into Justin's other brother Gavin and his wife Debbie and their daughter Leah. It was such a coincidence! :o) We walked over to the NW corner by the wise men and camels when Justin pulled out his camera and asked his mom to take a picture of us. Once again I was completely in AWE! Justin THOUGHT to bring his camera? How thoughtful and unlike him...but I liked it!! I went to put my purse down in the grass and I remember thinking that I felt a little cheesy posing in front of the marjority of his family, but as I turned around from putting my purse down, Justin got down on one knee and said, "Natalie Thornburg, will you marry me?" I covered my mouth and looked at his large family and started saying, "Oh my gosh!" like a broken record! I was to shocked to cry like I always thought I would and so surprised I started shaking. I wanted to think of something cute to say like "Of course" or "HECK YEAH" or "You betchya" or something but the only word that came was, "Yes!!" He reached for my hand and started to put the ring on. I thought he would notice that my CTR ring was already there, meaning that it was my right hand...but he didn't notice (he was shaking too) so I told him it was the wrong hand. hee hee. He switched hands and put the gorgeous thing on me and after that it is all a blur!!

I couldn't stop smiling! I didn't notice if ANYONE else was watching! I was in the clouds! It was an amazing amazing AMAZING experience that I thought was really fun to share with his family.

Later that night Katie came to the temple and saw us and we called my entire family to share that good news.

One fun side note was that after his family left Justin leaned against the split rail fence that guarded the nativity and I leaned against him giving him a hug when Justin fell, just like someone in the movies falling backwards off a boat. It was hysterical! He landed right on his tush and I landed on top of him. I died laughing and I know he will kill me if he ever reads this! But I just had to share. It was hilarious! I love that cute boy!

Somehow that adorable boy managed to keep that huge ring box hidden up his left sleeve for over 20 minutes. This picture was taken moments after it happened!

Later that night Justin was a bit hungry so we went to Paradise Bakery, one of our favorite places. We got in line and of course I was still beaming, and loved a chance to stare at my ring in the light. The server kept staring at me like I was crazy when I finally just blurted out that we had JUST gotten engaged! She was so fun and she got all excited with me! She asked to see the ring and she oooooed and awwwwwed with me. She asked how it happened and it was just too fun. After we sat at our table she came over again and brought us a giant cookie that said congratulations. She told me she was just so excited for us and she gave me a big hug. It was SO much fun and another fun addition to the day! I told Justin we should keep going around so I could show off the ring...and my new see what other free stuff we could get. :) JK...kinda ;)

Then we went back to my place where Merri stopped by and celebrated with us for a few and then I waited to see how long it would take my roommate Whitney to notice. She has been living with me since our first date and we are great friends! After about 20 minutes of her not noticing I started to be very obvious about it. She finally noticed and we screamed and jumped and down just like dorky 10 yr olds. It was AWESOME! Justin's poor ears. Anyway it was an amazing night!

I love you Justin!

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  1. How fun to relive this moment! I loved Justin's responses to your dad's questions! Complete stud he is! You got a keeper! I loved the falling part too. Hehehe. Definitely learned that one tonight!! I am so glad I have your blog!! This is great stuff!