Thursday, December 24, 2009

Can't I'll start a blog!

Well I can't sleep and I want to document all of the fun things going on in my life so I thought it was about time I made my own blog.

Let me start by saying...I'm ENGAGED! That is an entire story in and of itself that I look forward to sharing but right now I just want to say that this is what I have dreamed of my ENTIRE life. Since I was little I have loved wedding magazines, wedding shows, and wedding stories. I just can't believe it's happening to me and I feel so blessed! Life is good right now and I am just SOAKING it up. I keep looking at my hand and STARING at the gorgeous ring and thinking of all of the fun things I have to look forward too. (and let me just re-iterate how GORGEOUS my ring is! one of the many perks of getting married a little later in life when you find Prince Charming who already has a Masters and a good job) I know I sound cheesy and corny or whatever but I dont care! I really do feel like my dreams came true and I am the luckiest girl.

I just can't imagine this high going away. I am still in shock and reeling that all of this is happening to ME! EEEEEEKKKK!

Today (ok so I haven't fallen asleep yet so technically it was yesterday) is my birthday and just another day out of the best week of my life. It was amazing! It started by sleeping in, ahhh my favorite! Then I got up and had the opportunity to go to my sweet sisters house and spending time with Merri and her family, Katie and Kade, and Dara and Jim and Azlyn. What a sweet experience it was! She sure has grown and we just LOVE to see that sweet family and the love they have for each other. Merri made cupcakes for me and I was surrounded by adorable children...let see: Azlyn, Kade, Ryan, Rylee, Audi and Jewls...right? Yeah so that makes 6 ... it was so much fun. They all sang to me and then we enjoyed my pink cupcakes! Then I went and picked up Justin and we went to the fiesta mall because I wanted to get a personalized ornament for my man. I found one and had our names writen on it and the year. It was a diamond ring that said "engaged" -pretty cute I think! I sent him away while I got it because I wanted to surpise him but I didn't want to spend anymore of my birthday without him. Thank you to his work for letting him out of work early! After that I went home to get ready.

My Justin told me that he was taking me out for my birthday, it was going to be a surprise but he warned me that he made reservations and that it was a fancy place and I needed to dress up. He knows I LOVE surprises and I was SO excited!!

I curled my hair and wore his favorite purfume and while I was getting ready my roommate Cat came in and started chatting with me. I told her that I was instructed to get dressed up and she got so excited for me and she ran to her room and pulled out all of her fancy dresses. She is from NY and has lived the life of balls and parties etc. She had the perfect lil black "cocktail dress" that she had and she offered to let me borrow it. So of course I accepted and she helped me fix my hair just right. When Justin arrived, surprising me with my gift and a dozen beautiful red romantic roses, my roommate (who is so SILLY) made him turn around and had me go upstairs to make a "grand" entrance. He turned around as I came down the stairs and I honestly felt like a princess! He looked at me in awe and he kind of started stuttering :o) It was adorable! I have really only gotten to be really dressed up once or twice but this time beat it all, maybe just because of the way he looked at me! Awww, I think I will remember that forever!

Ok so anyway, he drove me to the city, Pheonix, and I had no idea where we were going. He asked me if I had any ideas but I honestly didn't because I just don't know of any resturants with dress codes :) He payed for parking (so dumb when you have to pay to my opinion) and he escorted me to a hotel. I didn't exactly know where I was because we parked in a parking garage and the building was so tall that I couldn't even see the restuarant on top, not that I really knew what it was anyway. Well, I was a bit confused and when we got in the glass elevator he hit the top floor and it said "The compass resturant." That is when I guessed that we might be going to the resturant that ROTATES on the top of a hotel. I had only ever heard of it and I didn't even know if it really existed...I mean I had never been in a rotating room. The elevator ride was amazing, seeing all of the lights of the city; I felt like Charlie in the chocolate factory at the end when they fly up in their little space ship loking thing. We got out of the fancy elevator that announced "Welcome to the Compass Resturant" and as he told the hostess his name he asked me if I noticed anything. I had already briefly scanned our surroundings but as I took a closer look I realized that the floor was moving. I was in pure AWE!

See that mirrior? That is by the hostess area where you wait to be seated and that floor isn't spinning. But when you are standing there you can't tell if you are spinning or the tables. We were seated in a small table for two just like the one in the bottom left corner. It was TO DIE for perfect! I totally enjoyed staring at my handsome fiance, hee hee...did you see that...I have a fiance! And would've been perfectly content for time to freeze right then! After our wonderful meal they brought me a piece of chocolate with wipped cream that said "congratulations on it" and I didn't know if it was for my birthday or being engaged I am going to say it was for both! After a bit longer Justin asked if I was ready to go and I said, "no." I wanted at least one more picture. I wish I had gotten a better picture of my dress...but we were in a hurry to leave when he picked me up so we just got a few at the resturant.

After Justin finally got me to leave we drove around a few neighborhoods and looked at Christmas lights! I just love them! Then we came back to my house and sat by our tree and snuggled for a little while. It was the almost perfect ending (not totally perfect because I still had to say goodbye) to the Perfect day!
Thanks to all of you who helped make my day special!


  1. Oh my gosh you look so BEAUTIFUL Nat! And way to go Justin in a perfect proposal and birthday surprise! It is so wonderful to see you both so happy! And Hooray for starting a blog!

  2. Oh Nat! You are beautiful! I am so happy for you, and I'm glad you had a great birthday! Can't wait to start planning this wedding! It's going to be fabulous! And welcome to the blogging world! Great way to spend your time when you can't sleep! And thanks for posting about the ornament, because I was going to get you one! :)

  3. You look amazing! Beautiful dress too!