Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Roomie RoAd TrIp 2010!

Let me begin by saying that I haven't been to Disney Land since I was 7 years old. So much has changed there since then. Well 2 of my roommates hold annual passes and we all wanted to do something fun for our 3 day weekend (MLK day or civil rights day) so we decided to take a roommie road trip. Yee haw! The gals decided to coordinate and wear my wedding colors: pink, brown, and green. Awww, aint they sweet!!

Here's the Diamond house girlies... This is the beginning of day # 2 at our fancy hotel. I love these hot mamas!

We packed up Casie's car and headed to Anahiem at 4AM saturday. We got there at a great time and I couldn't have been more excited! We approached the ticket booths and I gave them my ID and told them I wanted a 2day park hopper pass, and the sweet lady asked me if I had recently had a birthday. I told her it was in December (like she had seen on my ID) but I said, I did just get engaged though!! :P Get this, then she gave me a HUGE discount...I offered her some chocolate covered pretzels my roommate had packed for us, as a THANK YOU...but she politely refused. I just couldn't believe my luck...this place really is the happiest place on earth!!! Then my roommate got me a "JUST ENGAGED" pin and then everyone at the park told me congratulations...I loved it!! Then all of my roomies got a "Celebrating" pin ... it was just too fun!

Ok so we took lots of pictures and I wanted to post some of them...

This was my FIRST ride at DL! INDIANA JONES! Warning...Whitney makes lots of "classic" faces! I loved this ride! There is one part where a boulder is coming at your jeep and you think it is going to hit you, I totally ducked and smacked my head on the bar in front. I'm such a dork!

This is the "Tower of Terror" Whit is in the back with her hand up, then me, then Angie. You can't see very well but my hair was all over my face but I wouldn't let go for my life to move it! My feet were up on the seat in front of me and I linked arms with my roomies...lots of screaming! This ride just drops you straight down, then shoots you up and you do it again, but your inside and it's pitch black. Good times!

Here is my Whitney. I love her to death! She is a Disney Land-a-holic. She comes here ALL the TIME and she knows all of it's secrets! She was the perfect one to take me back!

Well I didn't want to miss ONE disney land experience so when I saw some disney characters I MADE my roommates meet them with me! Here is STITCH! He didn't like my pin...unlike all the other DL employees he made that spitting sound and game me a thumbs down, then continued to maul me... Justin's got some competition!

Here's my roommates and I on SPACE MOUNTAIN. I had never been on this one. It was FABULOUS! I LOVED IT! MORE PLEASE!!!!!

Me and the gals.

I have NEVER been on an upside down rollercoaster, or any rollercoaster for that matter. I have always been too chicken. I didn't think I would ever do it but I wanted to be brave for - my roommates. So, I saw California Screamin and thought that I could handle it. It looked safe with the bars that come down over your head. Angie told me that her parents do it and they don't do roller of course if they could do it, I could do it!

Well I had NO IDEA that this rollercoaster went upside down until I was racing 60MPH and it was too late. I went to grab the handle bars for dear life and I scrached my face. Haha, after my roommates told me I was actually bleeding. I swear I really am accident prone.

Man I totally posed for that picture! Don't let it fool you, I was freaked out! I loved it!

Now here is a safer pltace. I don't even remember what it's called but you can act and sing and it puts your voice to the disney movie. it was very cool!

The uncool part was this thing at the beginning where you answer some questions and it tells you what Disney character you are most like. I was so excited. If you know me you know that my family has called me "little princess" since I was...well, little. I couldn't wait to see if I was Belle or Aurora or cinderella...anyway I took the stupid quiz and lets just say I was none of the previously mentioned princesses. DUMB game! :P

Here we are in front of my CASTLE! Isn't it pretty at sunset! Whit was getting her hot chocolate.

Angie and I on Thunder Mtn RR. THis was another one of my favorites. On our 2nd day there it was raining all day, because of this, there were NO LINES for this ride so we just rode it over and over! Heck yeah!

This was the start of day # 2, we are taking the tram to the entrance of Disney land. My roommates and I die laughing when we see this picture, because there is some creep-o smiling in the back...ewww!

Toy Story ride in 3-d. A long line but worth the wait! So fun!
I know, we are total divas!

I already found my prince! YAY!

Heading for Disney land from the parking lot, we are READY to get this party started!!!
Here's our before picture: (below)
and after: (below)This was the end of day 2. We were wet and a little tired from a FULL Disney day in the rain...but come on, it's disney land!
After ESPN zone in downtown disney, we took the monorail back to DL. We were wet and cold, but it wasn't over yet!

We had so much fun! We also saw Pierce Brosnan and Frank Mir. THat was seriously very cool!! I hadn't really had many celebrity sighting before!

Thanks for an unforgettable trip gals! I SURE LOVE YA!

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  1. How fun it was to relive this! You are the best blogger! I totally forgot how much fun that trip was! Oh the rain! We were soaked! I am loving this blog! And your face! Hahahahahaha! I forgot you scratched your eye!!! hahahaha! That was awesome!