Thursday, January 10, 2013

Looking back on 2012

 Dear Family and Friends,

It is hard for us to believe all that we have been blessed with over the last 12 months.  It has been the greatest year of our lives! 

2012 held many special events for us!  We were so excited to attend Natalie’s cousins wedding in Utah in January.  It was wonderful to see our family that we hadn’t seen in years!  We went to the Bountiful temple for our cousin Cornel Jr’s sealing (which was just beautiful) and we also went to the Salt Lake temple together, a first for us both.  It was a great and memorable trip.

In February we moved from Mesa to Gilbert (just down the road).  The day we moved into our new home we had the best surprise imaginable; we discovered we were pregnant!  We couldn’t believe it!  This is what we had been waiting and praying for! 

In the following months we enjoyed many great adventures together.  We went to Colorado where we enjoyed spending time with more of Natalie’s extended family from her Dad’s side.  We also went to Seven Falls and rode the cog railroad all the way to the summit of Pikes Peak. 

In July, we went on a trip with some of our closest friends, the Barneys, to San Francisco.   It was amazing!  We drove up the pacific coast highway, went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, walked the Golden Gate Bridge, saw the painted lady houses, visited Santa Cruz and had a scenic train ride, drove Lombard street, explored Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, ate yummy sea food, toured Alcatraz and a Jelly Belly Factory, went to the Oakland temple, and on the way home we spent a day at Yosemite where we hiked (even with Natalie being 6 ½ months pregnantJ).  It was a perfect and unforgettable vacation!

Our greatest adventure however, came October 7, at 12:34 am when our 7lb 2 oz perfect baby boy joined our family.  Lincoln John (named for 2 of his GREAT grandfathers) is our dream come true and not only the best thing that happened to us this year but the greatest miracle we’ve ever been blessed with.  He is small but strong and his smiles will melt your heart! We like to say he was our missing “Linc”. J

Justin also accepted a new and exciting job as a senior accounting analyst, for a fortune 500 mining company named Freeport McMoRan.  He hopes to stay with this company for many years.  Natalie, on the other hand, left her job so that she could focus all of her attention on taking care of the boys in her life, and she couldn’t be happier! 

2012 will always be special to us.  We are eternally grateful for all that we have, especially our friends and family.  We hope your holidays are filled with fun, love, and laughter!  Merry Christmas!

Lots of Love,
Justin, Natalie, and Little Lincoln

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